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Jun 4, 2012 07:08 AM

Mexican in Detroit West/Northwest Suburbs

I am looking for good Mexican place to take a coworker from Korea. Ideally this place would be in the West/Northwest suburbs. He's staying in Novi, but have little faith there is good mexican in Novi, and no, border cantina does not make the cut. The type of place I am looking for should have things like carnitas, lengua tacos, cabeza tacos, maybe homemade mole dishes, tamales.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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    1. El Nibble Nook is good.... I guess it would be more in the Tex-Mex arena than classic Mexican, but if that's what you're looking for it's a good option.

      Two locations near Novi, though the West Bloomfield location is probably closer.

      I really like their Super Botana Dana with chicken as an appetizer... or I have often made it my main course.



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        I've posted many times in the past for my love of El Nibble Nook. But I would hesitate to recommend it to someone seeking authentic Mexican. No carnitas or cabeza to be found there, as the poster is requesting. I am not a cabeza fan, but I do love good carnitas. Actually, carnitas is a dish that I don't have a "go to" spot for, so I guess I better get on that.

        Good tamales, mole, menudo, etc. can be found in Ypsi at La Fiesta Mexicana, if you feel like getting out of Novi. There are quite a few great vegetarian dishes there, and the focus is not on the more, I would say, esoteric dishes. The owners are very gracious and good at what they do.

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          Nibble Nook has had Carnitas on their menu for quite a while now, but I don't disagree that they are more Tex-Mex then classic Mexican.


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            well whaddya know, carnitas do appear on the menu! I forgot they slightly revamped their menu a bit ago. Probably because I never look at it and just order the Tijuana bypass every single time.

      2. Burrito King on Beck road is a great greasy spoon... They have all the good meats, Ceviche, and some other hard to find things. I wish they had Mole but nope....

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          I agree with this Burrito King is now my go to spot in Novi area. Saves me from heading down to Westland, although I still prefer Taqueria Almeda there.

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            I have the luck of living near Taqueria Alameda and working near Burrito King.... I eat WAY TOO much Mexican! ....but i have to admit I can't wait to move out of Westland and into Canton.