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Jun 4, 2012 05:34 AM

slush puppy in bos, Brookline, Cambridge?

been jonsing for a slush puppy lately but only come across slurpees. any slush puppy machine sightings?

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  1. Last time I saw one it was in a convenience store (or possibly a hardware store?) in Inman Sq. This was a few years ago, so I'm not sure it's still there. There's also one in Brighton/Allston somewhere near that old-fashioned looking Dunkin' Donuts, but that's probably even less helpful.

    I'll keep an eye out again and let you know if I come across one. They've gotten very hard to find!

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    1. re: maillard

      "That old-fashioned-looking Dunkin Donuts" has been razed to the ground and replaced with a new drive-in location. It's at the corner of North Beacon and Market, but I don't know of a convenience store around there that has a Slush Puppy machine.

      Your best bet is to scout neighborhood bodegas instead of chains.

      I used to have a similar problem locating Icees, but now there's a machine at Target for the twice a year I want one.

    2. It looks like the MA distributor is Garber Bros--try calling them for SP locations: