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Jun 4, 2012 03:47 AM

Best Spot in Amherst MA for dinner?

Heading to Amherst Saturday. If you had time for only one meal (dinner) where would you go? Any price point is ok. Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. Chez Albert or the Lumberyard.

    1. Chez Albert. Our favorite fine dining (but not stuffy at all) in the Valley.

      1. The Lumberyard has a very mundane menu is overrated. Chez Albert is about the only option for a good eating in Amherst now that Tabellas has closed. Bistro 63 at the Monkey Bar is also not bad. Every other place is bar food that caters to the college crowd (Amherst Brewing Company etc.) or places that perhaps once were good but have gone downhill (Judies, Pasta y Basta).

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          Thanks for the replies. After looking at the web sites of Lumber Yard, Ch.Albert, Monkey... the Lumber Yard seems most compelling. Just wondering if the "talent" has already escaped to their place on Nantucket that just opened for the season as this place shuts down on June 18th. Like their menu.

          1. re: WineAG

            Went to Lumber Yard. The place is nice, service was very good and has a small but well chosen wine list that fit the bill... good glassware too. Food was variable, some good dishes, some not so good... nothing great. So was happy with my choice considering where I was, but this place wouldn't be a very attractive option if it were in a location where there were more good options available.

        2. I do not recommend Chez Albert. Food was uneven, service was abysmal and the lights were so dark I couldn't see my mediocre food. So disappointed by the food in Amherst so far...

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            Get used to it. The Valley is full of bad restaurants, as well as several that put out mediocre food but have great reputations.