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Jun 4, 2012 03:17 AM

Propane dedicated gas range vs duel fuel

I am researching gas ranges or gas cook top - wall mounted oven combo for our new kitchen. We will not be near a natural gas line, so will have propane gas.

There seems to be a substantial loss when using LP gas in a duel fuel appliance and learned there are a few brands that offer dedicated propane products. The list includes Dacor and DCS (Fisher Paykel).

Right now, I tend to be leaning to DCS for the high and low BTU settings and style.

Would love to hear comments about DCS and dedicated propane vs duel fuel.

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  1. I'm not sure what "dedicated" propane means -- it is fairly easy to convert between nat gas and propane in most cases, involving only changing some tiny and inexpensive parts (nozzles). I thought the term "dual-fuel" meant the top was gas but the oven is electric. In that case the top can be either nat gas or propane, like most gas appliances.

    I have a Bluestar and run it on propane. It works fine, and I think it is a great overstatement to say that propane involves a "substantial loss." I previously in another place (Switzerland) had a US made gas stove that I had to convert to propane -- same result -- no problem. I don't think it's even particularly noticeable.

    1. I think the question you should be asking is if you prefer the performance of an electric oven over gas, because that's going to be the biggest difference between ANY version of all gas and dual fuel. And if you care about convection, which would be another reason to get dual fuel.

      I have a DCS dual fuel (pre-fisher and paykel, FWIW.) It's been fine. The ovens perform very well. I probably wouldn't go right for DCS again if I were in the market though. They made me crabby shortly after I got the range with bad customer service. My roller racks got ruined from running it at ~450F. They wouldn't replace them under warranty, claiming this can only happen from leaving them in during self-clean despite the fact that I told them repeatedly I didn't do that. But whaddaya want for 8K? And when it gets really, reeEEALLY humid in my non-A/C'd house some of the burner ignitors act crazy and won't stop sparking after the burner is lit, but other than that it's been fine for going on 7 years.

      1. I have a Dacor cooktop that runs on LP and I've been very happy with it. One of the reasons I chose this particular model was because the cooktop was made specifically to run on propane. I didn't need a conversion kit and there was no loss of BTUs owing to the conversion from natural gas to propane. Review the specs of the models you're considering and note the range of LP BTU ratings for each burner.