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Jun 4, 2012 02:03 AM

Toro in New Orleans area?

Can anyone tell me where I can get Toro sushi(fatty tuna)?
I eat sushi quite a bit but I haven't been able to find toro anywhere.
I eat at Kanno pretty often ( prob my favorite sushi rest.) and
I understand that they carry it from time to time, but never when I'm there.

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  1. I believe Chiba on Oak Street serves it. Haven't tried it there but love the restaurant.

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    1. re: Overweight

      Thanks!!! I'll have to try that one out. Coincidentally, I heard some good things about Megumi in Mandeville. So we went there and they had Toro. Besides the toro ( which was delicious) the sushi was wonderful. I highly recommend trying this spot.

    2. I believe toro is seasonal. I get it at Kyoto 2, but they usually do not have it in the summer. Chiba ships in a lot of stuff that other restaurants can’t get so I would say they are your best bet.

      1. Chiba has toro everything: tuna, salmon, etc. Bring your wallet though.

        1. I've had toro, recently, at the Little Tokyo on carrollton near Jesuit, Kyoto 2 a few weeks, and Shogun years ago. I believe they offered gulf bluefin toro, as opposed to japanese imported. Oh yea, one time taste of tokyo (both) offered yellowfin toro, but i didn't try it.