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Jun 3, 2012 09:17 PM

Cape Cod- who to use for small father's day Clambake in E. Dennis, MA?

We are looking to have a small clambake at our rental house for 6 people. It will be our first day on the cape so we want minimal hassle, either someone drops it off completly coooked, or comes and cooks it for us. Our agent suggested Swan River Seafoods, but a glance at some of the online reviews for their restaurant has left me pretty skeptical.
Does anyone have any feedback on Swan's dropoff clambake or any other suggestions? I am happy to pay the price for a solid clambake, I just don't want the Dad's to be eating rubbey lobster and watery chowder.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

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  1. I think you'll be hard-pressed to find a caterer willing to cook on-site for that small a group, especially on such a big catering holiday. We had Clambakes etc. do one last year (they are a division of Osterville 2 Fish Market at Mill Way Marina in Barnstable Harbor) and if I recall, their minimum was 20 people and it costs approx. $40 per head. It was okay, not spectacular. It's an easy thing to cook yourself, but does take some planning. You need some big pots. Seaweed if you really want good flavor. Then just lobsters, clams, corn, potatoes, and sausage. And lots of butter! (maybe chowder if you want that as well.) Chatham Fish and Lobster would have all of that. They have a branch in Dennis at Ring Bros. Marketplace across from Stop and Shop on Rte 134 in Dennis.

    Sorry, I've never had the clambake to go at Swan River, although I have had a very acceptable baked stuffed lobster there. Personally, I would avoid anything cooked off site and brought to the house precooked. Seafood gets cold fast and there's nothing worse than cold steamers and lobsters. That said, Treats catering in Dennis will drop off a precooked clam bake for about $40 per head. Not sure if they have a minimum. Call them @508-385-1540.