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Jun 3, 2012 09:05 PM

Fort Berens Winery- Lillooet

Feeling intrepid I picked up a bottle of the Fort Berens Riesling the other day-you may have heard of this new winery located in distant Lillooet.

Not expecting much I was happily surprised at how much character the wine showed and how well the terroir-a strange one to all of us-suited the Riesling.

If you're up for something a tad different for one of your picnics this year this wine is it (and the brassy gold colour appeals as well).

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  1. Where did u mange to buy it ?

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    1. here is the village wines price list ...

      i've never tried their product, but Texas Creek Ranch is also on the Lillooet winery bandwagon - interesting. Certainly is beautiful countryside up there. and nice to have a change from the OK Valley hype