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Jun 3, 2012 09:02 PM

Foodie from Chicago Coming To BWI-WDC....need restaurant recommendations ?

Hi...I will be in there for a week nd need the top restaurants in town. My husband and I thrive on the "foodie" restaurants in the area. We are fron Chi-town and have experienced Tru, Trotters, Alinea, Aviary, NoMi, Avec, Vivo, Naha, Trio, Le Titi de Paris, Carlos...Girl and the Goat.... Mercat ala Plaxa., L2o..have I missed one. We would love any suggestion on restaurants....from diners, drive ins and outstanding places. We loveANything AND everything AS LONG AS IT'S gREAT food..........We need some of the new hot spots that Have "amazing food!!!" We DO NOT care what it costs !!! Even the little BYOB spots..........ANy new up-and coming chefs? We are staying at the Hay Admas hotel.

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  1. Rogue 24, Komi, Minibar.

    1. Rasika - modern and very inventive Indian-based cuisine. Don't miss the palak chaat. Two locations: West End and Penn Quarter.

      I second the above suggestions for Rogue 24 and Komi.

      Sundevich - great sandwich shop.

      1. Welcome! I visited Chicago recently and was able to eat at some great places thanks to all the posters on that board (in fact, by spending a little time searching the board, I found I didn't even have to post my own thread because there were so many other helpful threads already on the board).

        You've gotten some good suggestions, esp Komi. The same chef has a Thai restaurant on the ground floor called Little Serow. Another upscale possibility is CityZen.

        1. To add to the suggestions above:
          Restaurant Eve (In Alexandria)
          The Source
          Mintwood Place

          1. Oohs and Aahs for Coastal Carolina Soul Food. Go for the shrimp and grits, the lemon pepper wings, and the broiled crabcake. Make sure you ask for broiled. A great hole-in-the-wall.