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Jun 3, 2012 08:40 PM

Chow Find - Italian "Donuts" (Krapfen?) in Freehold!!!!!!!!

New bakery that opened about five months on Schank Road, next to IPLAY called DOLCE CALABRIA. Strong selection of Italian cookies and tasty pastries, and friendly owners from Brooklyn.

Cannolis are a delicious change from what is usually served in the area (probably some of the best I've had in Monmouth County as of late) but the real reason to go.......

KRAPFEN (spelling?) - Italian Donuts filled with Pastry Cream. These are only produced on Sundays and to be honest, my wife and I debated long and hard before letting this secret out.

Since they are cooked to order, they are available at 10:30 and usually sell out by 11:30. These addictive and incredibly light donut like pastries are served right out of the oven and served filled with an incredible pastry cream. There is already a cult like following so my recommendation is to get their early and join the addicted.

I'll call them donuts, if only to assert that they are the best "donuts" in the area, and arguably, NJ. Better than the bombolonis we've been served at all of the Michael White outposts in NYC, better than (dare I say it) any of the, albeit different, Donut Plan or Donut Pub offerings in NYC; and definitely a fresh change from the Dunkin Donuts on each street corner (relax, its a joke)

Go next Sunday, but please go at 10:45 so we don't have to wait ;-)

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  1. I'm not trying to correct you or anything, just trying to help. Krapfen is basically a German donut. The Italian version, or donut, would probably be the zeppole, but they don't usually have anything inside them or bomboloni, which is more like a Krapfen.

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      I know they didn't say zeppoli, but it's quite possible my guess is totally off. Supposedly , it is from her hometown and is not served at many places. I tried finding its name based on how it was pronounced and pictures - go Sunday morning and report back with a more accurate story

      Sorry, good food can cause me to get my facts mixed up = p

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        Krapfen is a German word, but it is also used in Italy (and not only in the German-speaking North). Sometimes pronounced/written as "krafen" or "kraffen".

      2. Can't speak to the Krapfen as I haven't had it, but I was at a party this weekend and had a chance to sample a few items from this bakery and everything was very good.

        1. Had em a few months ago.. They were pretty good. At least I think they are what you were referring to. I thought they were zeppole, but I'm no expert.

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            Definitely not a zeppole, but whatever it is I want some, great picture

          2. Here us tge website:

            On the home page, there is a photo of a donut which appears to be what you are describing. It is not a zeppole.

            What's really exciting me is looking at the scrolling photos, I spotted what looks to be my all-time favorite cookie: marzipan rainbows. The Italian bakery in Manalapan used to carry them, but it closed several years ago. I will be making my way to Dolce Calabria to see if their cookies are, in fact, the real deal. I say the "real deal" because there are cookies that look like that but are not made with marzipan.


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              RGR - I'd suggest giving them a call before you take that drive. I've popped my head in the store once and it is quite small with, what appeared to me, to be a limited selection of goods (all of which looked delicious). The owners, a young couple, were at the party I attended this weekend, but I didn't have a chance to meet them. From the reports I heard, they are quite nice and aim to please.

            2. Calabrese bakers?

              Yes, please!