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Jun 3, 2012 08:30 PM

Suggestions for dinner with teenage (17) son

Looking for great atmosphere, delicious food but nothing up tight for my son. We will be there at the end of the month for 6 days. We are doing a mother/son trip.

Will mainly do casual for breakfast and lunch so a nice sit down meal will be great for dinner. We are open to all of Manhattan , staying in Midtown. Open to Japanese, Chinese, French, American, steak, and seafood,

Quick question on happy hour... Are there any places that will allow my son to join me? I figure this might be a good alternative to long dinner one of the nights.

Thank you!

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  1. How about Motorino pizza for dinner and then walk over to Big Gay Ice Cream for dessert (if he's apprehensive about the name, show him pictures of their the treats on their website)? At the end of the night he'll think you're the hippest mother ever (if he doesn't already think that).

    Not quite a sit down place, but I'm sure he'll love Shake Shack.

    Thinking of what I was like at that age, I think The Dutch would work well.

    If you were hoping to hit some of the trendiest/most popular places, The Spotted Pig and Red Farm would certainly work if you're son is ok waiting a while for a table.

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      Thank you! Will do as you suggested. Looks like the Spotted Pig and Red Farm might be worth the wait. I'm sure there are things to do nearby as we wait.

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        Great suggestions and a stroll down St Marks would work after Motorino/Big Gay as well.

      2. Spotted Pig and Red farm are great ideas. Maybe even check out Sakagura. It has a great atmosphere and you can order a lot of little things and take your time. Might be more convival than just doing a happy hour.

        1. Maialino's happy hour would work. It's a restaurant, not a bar, but they serve food in the bar area.

          He might also get a kick out of Crif Dogs or one of the Momofuku restaurants in the East Village. My favorite is Ssam Bar.

          1. He does want to do a steak night...traditional NY steak ; )

            Any suggestions there? Many thanks!!

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                Agree with Peter Luger's.

                FYI: The Dutch has a 18 oz bone-in New York Strip and a 40 oz beef ribeye for two on their menu.