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Jun 3, 2012 08:24 PM

Dessert in ATL

I love desserts! Where are the absolutely must-have desserts in Atlanta?

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  1. I guess it depends on what you're looking for. The Fatty Cakes at ESS are great. And you really can't go wrong with anything from the Cakes and Ale bakery. Alon's Bakery as well. I heard Piece of Cake was good (haven't been yet). For absolutely best Red Velvet cupcake in the world you have to go to Cami Cakes.

    1. I have not been yet but The Pie Shop in Buckhead is supposed to be fantastic.

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        Lovely sweet and savory baked goods, but in a hard-to-find location. When you see their sign, turn in the drive and around back.

      2. Southern Sweets in Decatur does great cakes and pies.

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          Seconded. Cozy and wonderful desserts. The other great place to go is Alon's bakery. If you like chocolate get a slice of the chocolate truffle cake! To die for ^_^ They have a ton of individual serving desserts, your mileage may vary on how good each one is, but I can vouch for that truffle cake! The other thing you can't miss there is their little bite cookies...oatmeal and raisin, and the chocolate chunk pecan are amazing. But ALL their cookies are can't go wrong getting cookies there!

        2. The Pie Hole in Roswell does great pies - I particularly like their apple.

          Also +1 for Southern Sweets.

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            OK, I don't live in Atlanta, but I thought Intermezzo had the absolute best selections of desserts and coffees anywhere. I have mainly had their cheesecakes, but that's because they have so many I want to try, and every one so far has been heavenly. And now the one across from Perimeter Mall has Sunday Brunch as well (or did the last time I was in town).

          2. #1 Chocolate F/X......bacon caramels....and booze chocolate, and MORE...
            #2 Star Provisions Market @ Bacchanalia.... the #1 restaurant is closed for lunch, so basically some of the chefs work at the market during the day..

            +1 For the absolutely best Red Velvet cupcake in Atlanta you have to go to Cami Cakes. +1