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Jun 3, 2012 08:03 PM

Attending McGill next year, give me some essentials!

Excited to be living in Montreal for the next few years. I'm from Toronto and love the food there, so i'm hoping to love the food in Montreal just as much!

Anyone have any suggestions for..
-Cheap student lunch/dinners as an alternative to caf food
-Moderately priced restaurants to frequent on the weekends/free time
-Must-try restaurants
-Restaurants for dates and special occasions
-Convenient eats near the campus

I visited Montreal in March and go to try Brasserie T, Schwartz, La Banquise, Lemeac, and Boustans.

Thanks so much CH!

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  1. Free food: Midnight kitchen at SSMU. I have never eaten there, but know several people who volunteered to cook. I hear that their food is delicious.
    Cheap food: Al taieb, samosa sales for fundraising in various buildings, bake sales, at least one good gorilla restaurant on Milton (sorry, can't give names, don't want to be responsible for them being shut down).
    Less cheap, but good: Akli in basement of scotiabank, cafeteria in Desautels building (they have laksa!), McCord Museum cafeteria (they have a terrace in the summer), comptoir du chef, Atti for korean, Lola Rosa (which many love, but many hate), .There are other surprising food court finds. Do a search for downtown/mcgill and you will find some more suggestions for all of your questions. They are all pretty common inquires.

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    1. re: hala

      "at least one good gorilla restaurant on Milton"

      Mmmmm... It's been a while since I've had some good gorilla. It's so hard to come by around these parts. What with the obvious sourcing problems and all those bleeding heart animal rights activists always shutting the places down.

      Unless, of course, you meant guerilla restaurant? ;)

      1. re: SnackHappy

        LOL Yup, would love to try some grilled gorilla.

        Thank you for catching my typo!

      2. re: hala

        Where exactly is this Desautels building? Is it part of the McGill campus? I will travel anywhere for laksa!

        1. re: hungryann

          1001 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal

              1. re: hungryann

                Honestly, the cafeteria at Bronfman is OK but not amazing.
                The hot food options include a soup noodle (with lakhsa and tom yum soup options), ma pao tofu, and other rice/noodles with stir fries. It's better than a lot of the stuff on campus but nothing to write home about. But if you want some Asian food options, including sushi (which is available at other campus eateries), fresh rolls, vietnamese subs (chicken and beef only), and salads (mango and seaweed), you can find it here.

                Another good campus option used to be the Al-Taib at the bottom of the SSMU building but it looks like they are either renovating the place or getting rid of it this summer as that part of the building is under construction. Al-Taib had zataar and falafels, which were good, and mediocre pizza.

            1. Can't really give any recs, but can tell you what NOT to do: don't exist on caf food and ghetto pizza for your entire first year. That shizz makes you fat and then you have to diet AND study. :) Seriously, though, when I was a McGill student and lived in the Ghetto, I never really did find any really good AND cheap food. I remeber trying random places near campus (sushi, sandwiches, Indian) and never really finding any success. This was 5+ years ago tho so maybe things have changed. I just remember the immediate area around campus as kind of a food wasteland.

              1. A couple of more off-the-beaten-path McGill food options:

                The McGill Farmers' Market

                Organic Campus

                1. I''ve been recently re-enjoying Pita Pit again on Parc.

                  1. The area around Concordia actually has more interesting fare: look on this board for Chinatown II.