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Jun 3, 2012 07:49 PM

Ethnic in ATL?

We will be visiting Atlanta this week from Columbia, SC and while I love " slow Southern" food, I really love all kinds of ethnic food! Do you have a recommendation for something I may not be exposed to in Columbia or that may be so much better than what we have? For example, we have one Pho restaurant that is pretty good, but.... We love Indian and Thai. I've never been to an African restaurant. What's your recommendation for something different?

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  1. Lisa, there's plenty of what you are looking for in Atlanta metro. For African definitely try Ethiopian, Bahel being our current favorite, or either of the Ledet locations. There's also Eritrean, Somalian, and West African in and near Clarkston. If you tell us what area you'll be in you'll get hints on the other ethnic cuisines as options for Indian, Thai, Vietnamese are numerous. For Persian try Falafel Cafe in Marietta. See also although it doesn't seem to be maintained lately.

    1. I guess that depends on what you want. Like quimbaya said there is plenty to chose from. I like Desta for Ethiopian. I haven't been to 10 Degrees South (South African) but I heard not to waste your time. Vietnamese try Pho Dai Loi #2 on Burford Hhy or Nam Phong also on B hwy. For Indian try "The Palace" for their weekend Lunch Buffet. I haven't been to too many Thai places to make a recommendation. I like Satay House but I wouldn't say I'd go out of the way for it. It's in Roswell/Alpharetta area.

      1. Go to Eat Buford for a map of that area. I used to love Falafel Cafe but it is
        quite a drive from 'Atlanta'. If you let us know what part of town you're staying in we can
        probably be of more service.

        1. We are staying at the Omni Hotel near CNN and we are leavingfor Atlanta in the morning. Thanks for all your suggestions!!

          1. Several excellent suggestions above. I prefer Desta for Ethiopian, Nam Phuong for Vietnamese, and have always enjoyed 10 Degrees South for South African dishes.