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Kick@ss Cupcakes - Finally tried - disappointed

I think it's time to end the overdone cupcake trend - not really a fan of any of the many shops that have popped up - had hopes dashed in Davis Square today with a $15 sampler of five quite small cupcakes, none of which we enjoyed or will ever purchase again.

The cake is generally dry, crumbly and flavorless and topped with a soft serve style swirl of buttercream or cream cheese or white chocolate or fudge -flavored sugar. The mojito was interesting but had only lime and rum, no discernible mint flavor. The two chocolate types were both like grocery store brownies but edible enough. The lemon raspberry looked festive and had tasty frosting but bad yellow cake with a syrupy raspberry filling. The coconut was the worst by far as it was so stale it disintegrated upon unwrapping and had a hard blob of something butter-like but nasty hidden inside. Blech - not returning here - ever. In fact, that also extends to Sweet, Lulu, Lyndell's, and Crumbs - all charge too much for something that's just not so good.

Best "cupcakes" for me remain the creations at Gingerbread Construction Company, along with respectable, fresh version of classic vanilla and chocolate with buttercream at Quebrada as well as Crema and Flour.

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  1. I call the place Krap *ss cupcakes when coworkers want to go there. Don't like the stuff at the local starbucks either.
    My cupcakes are much better :-)

    1. Best I've had are from Sweet Tooth, South Boston...http://www.sweettoothboston.com/cupca...

      1. Best I've ever had are in Needham, the place on Highland Avenue called 'Treat'. Spectacular.

        1. Oh yeah, Suckass Cupcakes has been a bad joke ever since they first opened. I assumed everyone knew to avoid them by now.

          Do they still have that self-righteous sign on the door about how they're glad that they're hated on Yelp?

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          1. re: Jenny Ondioline

            Yes - they do - and it actually made me smile - before I ate any of the cupcakes - then I was angry.

            1. re: rlh

              That sign puzzles me. Either they're aware that they have the worst cupcakes in Boston -- and there are a ton of horrible cupcakes in Boston -- and have decided to run with this or they've deluded themselves into thinking everyone says their cupcakes suck because they're all in collusion with the other cupcake shops. Either way, they're crazy-nuts-cuckoo.

              But it's telling that after several days, the closest they've come to praise is that one person likes one kind of cupcake they do.

          2. They must be able to coast on the novelty of their name and flavors (and their catering business), because I don't know anyone who's gone there twice. Their cupcakes are bizarrely small, dry, and bland, and their frosting is often watery and falls right off.

            1. Agreed. It's a pretty good example of why "cupcake" is a shibboleth for "interest in food trends with a disregard for quality." Also, it's the internet, you can say ass.

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              1. re: Luther

                They use a star in the name on their home page on the internet - just want to be sure it's clear which business I'm referring to..

                1. re: rlh

                  Interesting. I've seen their delivery car around recently and it just says KICKASS all over.

              2. Yes, my comment on Yelp had 20 "funny" impressions regarding their cupcakes and my ex-wife; both of which I am far better off without.

                1. Yeah, those cupcakes aren't good and I found the owner really off-putting the one time I went, as if my presence was such an inconvenience. You sell cupcakes. Lighten up.

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                  1. re: LeoLioness

                    I went in the second or third week they were open with my son. There was a woman standing behind the counter talking on the phone. When we walked in, she turned her back to us and continue her phone conversation. We waited 10 minutes and then left. So did the people behind us.

                  2. I'm in complete agreement with all your cupcake assessments. The only ones I haven't had on your Avoid list are at Crumbs', so I will avoid. The only ones I haven't had on your Best list are at Flour, so I'll try them. I do love a good cupcake, so am happy to have places like Quebrada, Crema (although I wish they'd make a better latte) and those frosted muffins at GCC, especially the pumpkin with cream cheese frosting ones.

                    1. I had a couple of cupcakes from their food truck, and I totally agree with your assessment, EXCEPT for the choc chip cookie dough cupcake, which was divine...

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                      1. re: sallyt

                        How exactly did that work? I can't quite picture what a cookie dough cupcake would be...

                        1. re: maillard

                          It was a vanilla cake with a scoop of cookie dough in the middle of it - not sure how they did it, but it was moist and delicious (as compared to their other cupcakes, which tasted like they were a week old)

                      2. Kickass Cupcakes... I am amazed they are still in business and can only assume people get a kick out of the Kickass name - mainly tourists. The cupcakes are small, dry and flavorless. Cupcakes can be good but these are not.

                        1. The only thing I like there are the twice baked cupcakes. They get this strange, crunchy texture that I find weirdly addictive. Agree on all the rest. Even my cats don't like their kitty cupcakes. But then again, they're cats.

                          1. Your comments mirror my thoughts as well and it's not worth the effort to go there again. Way overated.

                            1. Im done with the cupcake trend as well, bring on the donuts!

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                                Run don't walk to either Ohlin's or Verna's.

                                Oh, and I think they should rename the donut place to Suck Ass Cupcakes.