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Jun 3, 2012 06:54 PM

Cancun: Severe Food Allergies-where to shop?

Hi All-

I used to be just a gluten free vegetarian for years- (ahh the good ol days)...due to new food allergies there's so many things I cannot eat including corn, rice, wheat, meat, even some lettuce. So where does "the girl in the food bubble" food shop in Cancun.

Things I can eat:
Veg Refried Beans
Balsamic vinegar, Tomato, Mozz
Flours: tapioca, quinoa

Basically a Whole Foods would be GREAT, although I'm pretty sure that doesn't exist.

Thanks for the responses! ;-)

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  1. If you can eat fish, you can get fish and the fruits and vegetables you can eat at Chedraui, also eggs and cheese. Pretty much everything else you mentioned you will have to bring with you.

    With those limitations, I don't see how you can safely eat at any restaurants there, and I wonder if this trip is a good idea. There is nothing close to a Whole Foods or any store for special diets.

    1. The Wal Mart probably has the largest grocery selection, followed by the Chedraui in Plaza las Americas. These are comparable to U.S. or Canadian supermarkets, though they won't have much specifically in terms of what you are looking for. I can't think of a Whole Foods equivalent.

      1. Soriana has a better selection of less available items than both Walmart and Chedraui do. In fact, a better selection overall. There is one just a few blocks from the original Walmart. I've always found that the Chedraui in Plaza las America has the LEAST selection.

        Try the Living in Cancun forum on Cancun Care...there are several expats who are great at ferreting out less common items. In fact, I remember a recent discussion on quinoa.

        No Whole Foods equivalent, but there are a couple of small, natural food stores in Cancun. Again, try that forum as I do remember there being some recent discussions about random food items. There are also a few specialty stores where you'd be able to find things like balsamic vinegar and mozerrella.

        But it might be an all day expedition to stop at each of the various places to pick up one or two items.