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Jun 3, 2012 06:41 PM

Leaf Lard. I found it!!

Yippie! the search is over... I found leaf lard at .

they sell 8 oz packages and four lb tubs.

They also have duck fat!!!

Perfect pie crust, here I come!!

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  1. They also carry leaf lard at Surfas. Call before you go because it can sell out fast.

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    1. re: AAQjr

      Ya...for two weeks now, been calling them...nada... This place has a steady supply AND they sell un rendered, so I can make my own...

    2. Check the price on duck fat. The best deal on that I've found was at Nicole's in South Pas, roughly half of what Monsieur Marcel wanted (and a lot closer!).

        1. re: Johnny L

          8 oz for $10 or a large 34-36 oz tub for $40.

          The duck fat was $12 for 8 oz... i know, pricey, but really tasty!

          Gonna have to check our Nicole's.

        2. According to Nathan at McCall's, they no longer sell rendered leaf lard. However, they do sell un-rendered lard from Cook Pigs Ranch for $7.99/lb.

          Mr Taster