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Jun 3, 2012 06:22 PM

Craving amazing chicken fingers

I don't know why but all of a sudden I'm craving really good chicken fingers and hope to indulge some night this week. Anyone had any outstanding experiences. T-accessible would be best.

I'm thinking of trying Coast Cafe in Cambridge since everyone raves about their fried chicken. I'll have to ask if they make their own chicken fingers in-house.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. You might want to try Cane's Chicken on Comm. Ave. near BU. I only had them once and found them pretty tasty, although I didn't like their dipping sauce all that much. Also, check out Bon Chon Chicken in Allston.

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    1. re: mabelm4050

      I actually wouldn't recommend the chicken tenders at Bon Chon, as much as I like the wings and drums there. Rather than the canonical finger-shape, they're basically thin, flat shavings off a breast. They get overcooked very quickly, and they're basically nothing but coating and sauce with a couple millimeters of meat in the center. That's not necessarily a bad thing -- it's really good coating and sauce -- but if what the OP is specifically craving is tenders, they'll be disappointed.

      Third Raising Canes, to give its full name. The chicken tenders are fine, the fries are ordinary, the slaw is fairly tasty, the Texas toast is quite good, and the soft drink machine has that kinda soft pellety ice rather like Sonic uses, which is hard to find up here for some reason. I too ask for the off-menu honey mustard.

      1. re: Jenny Ondioline

        I went to a raising canes down south somewhere and didn't think it was all that special. Chicken fingers seemed no different than your average frozen cisco product to me. I thought the ice pellets in the soda was the best part of my experience there.

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        Canes! Totally forgot about them. Thanks for the suggestion!

      3. I second Cane's. If you prefer the more traditional honey mustard sauce, you can request it. It's not posted on the menu;)

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        1. re: BroadwayBound

          Good to know about the secret honey mustard sauce. My personal favorite sauce for chicken fingers is plain old honey when it's available. Bit honey mustard is a good backup.

        2. The Hill Tavern serves far better chicken tenders than they have any reason to. I found myself in shock & awe there a coupla years ago with a plate of tenders and I feel as though I've been waiting for somebody to ask this question ever since. Big, craggy, freshly fried juicy guys with a feather light & crunchy crust. Honey mustard, bleu, ranch, bbq, etc. I keep meaning to go back there and revisit this, but it's not otherwise a compelling hang.

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          1. re: Nab

            Mary Chung's has very tasty chicken fingers and their home-made mustard is the perfect spicy dip...

            1. re: sadflour

              Who knew?! Are they the puffy battered style that you often find in Chinese restaurants?

            2. re: Nab

              That sounds perfect. I've only been there once. Will have to go back!

            3. Sub-standard chicken fingers rarely have the nails cut off.

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              1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

                That joke was just hypothetical until we got the new Strip-T's!

              2. Some of best fried chicken tenders I have had around here were part of the club salad at Hillstone in Quincy Market. I see that they have a chicken tender plate, for $20 (seems like a lot for fingahs). If it's the same chicken from the salad, it would probably be worth it - they are somewhere between tempura and "normal" battered chicken, very crispy and light, and the meat is moist.