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Jun 3, 2012 05:11 PM

Where to get loose tea ?

Hi , we just moved in to the area , and i was wondering is there any place to get loose tea around here ? Where we used to live we have a store that sells loose tea , all kinds of tea and we could get as little or as much as we want ,such as Earl grey tea , english breakfast , jasmine cherry tea , oolong tea , chamomile tea .. etc ..

Been looking for this kind of shop , any information will be appreciated . Thank you !

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  1. Path of Tea on Alabama is your place. British Isles in Rice Village also sells a number of loose leaf teas (for your earl grey, english breakfast).

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    1. Here's a couple more:

      I think Central Market also has tea in bulk and I'm sure I've heard of a place in Chinatown but I can't remember a name.

      These are for bulk tea. Many places will have loose leaf tea packaged rather than tea bags, of course, but I'm understanding you're looking for bulk tea?