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Jun 3, 2012 04:06 PM

Best Feta in Montreal

I was tempted to title this "best place to buy feta in Montreal", and though such suggestions would be appropriate and no doubt forthcoming, I'm also asking about particular types. A visit to Adonis, Ahakavan (pretty sure I butchered the spelling), Mourelatos and more boutique or mom and pop stores yield a wide variety. Is there a consensus (if one can ever be had) of which is the best? Double cream? Bulgarian? Greek? Lebanese? Canadian? Danish? Is there even a small Montreal home-made variety not touched by Saputo and their "Fetos" fetish?

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  1. I've always liked the Macedonian feta available at the Eastern European shop at Jean-Talon market...I can never remember the name, but it's along the same strip as Qui Lait Cru. I recently tried a (Canadian?) double-cream feta that was on sale at supermarche PA and I think I liked it even better!

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      I recently tried that Canadian double cream feta from PA too and I love it! Not the greatest in a greek salad, since it is so creamy it doesn't cube nicely, but so delicious crumbled on top of other salads, on toast, on quesadillas, on baked beans at breakfast time....

    2. For a local feta, Fromagerie de la Moutonnière makes a good one. You'll find it in most fromagerie, some health food stores and at their stall at Marché Jean-Talon. Expect to pay more though...

      1. The Epiros brand sold at Costco, closest feta I've ever tasted here in Canada that is like what you will find in Greece. Also the feta varieties from the Lachute monastery :Troupeau Benit. Someone mentionned they now have a stand at JTM.

        1. I have tried many many different types of feta. The kind I like the most is semi firm, not crumbly, slightly creamy. The kind you find in the best Greek restaurants like Milos and Elounda. And believe it or not I have found one just like this in the most unusual place. A little Inter- Marche in a small strip mall - Place Cote Vertu. The greek feta at the deli counter. An amazing, wonderful find!

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          1. I need to confirm this, but I had some real good Greek Feta last year that I was told was purchased at;

            Hawaii Supermarche
            4609 Ch Du Souvenir
            Laval, QC H7W 1C5

            The Greek barrel Feta at Mourelatos does the job when I run out of the good stuff that I get straight from the motherland.

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              Wow! How much do you bring back? I have stopped since I'm too afraid of getting caught by the sniffing dogs at the airport. Is it vacuum packed?

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                They won't bother you if it's vacuum packed, we get the cheese guy to do so at the source for us. According to Gvt of Can website you can bring up to 20kg.

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                  I didn't know you can bring that much! i knew about the vacuum-packed. Thanks.