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Jun 3, 2012 03:55 PM

Ice cream social bus - Jesse street - weekend strawberry shortcake

Delectably moist, homemade pound cake topped with homemade almond coconut whipped cream and homemade vanilla bean ice cream and giant, sweet sliced local strawberries and a fresh mint leaf. weekends only. screw "diabesity" trends and low carb living for a few moments, this is a brilliant take on a classic dessert and the best version my lady and I have ever had anywhere...bravo

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    1. sounds great but a little too far for me from round rock

      1. thanks for the report, sounds scrumptious! can't wait to try this place.

        1. i failed to inquire - if anyone has tried their avocado sorbet, report back. the proprietor / chef takes frozen avocado and blends with agave nectar, fresh lime, and cilantro. sounds pretty refreshing. it's made to order, so no free samples...