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Jun 3, 2012 03:53 PM

Beaune Area Restaurants

Hi all,

We'll be staying in Beaune for 5 nights next week (mid-June) and are staying inside the city walls, but will have a car. Here are the restaurants on our list so far:
Ma Cuisine
Le Caveau des Arches
Le Benaton
Le P'tit Paradis

Any mistakes? What's missing that we need to add?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've only been to Le Benaton and P'tit Paradis, but would recommend both highly.

    1. All are good choices. MaCusine is a favorite of many here & for good reason. Caveau is always good as is Benaton (creative too). P'tit Paradis has gone down a bit in my estimation over the past few years, but is still a solid pick.

      Other suggestions in town to round out your visit:
      Cheval Noir
      Le Gourmandin
      Auberge Bourguignonne. (good food & service, but no big wow factor)

      For a lunch or snack:
      Le Carnot (love this place! Also good for just a drink & some people watching)
      Crep Anges

      You might also consider venturing outside of Beaune to one of these:
      Chez Guy in Gevrey-Chambertin (excellent food, wine, & setting)
      La Cabot in Nuits St George (somewhat snotty staff, but excellent food)
      La Miotte in Ladoix-Serrigny (old world feel with good food)
      Le Montrachet in Puligny-Montrachet
      Hermitage de Corton on the road out of Beaune about half way between the A6 roundabout & Ladoix-Serrigny (will be trying this one in Nov. myself, but hear it is good & getting better)

      1. We had an exceptional dinner @ the wine bar "Part des Anges"

        and next door to Ma Cuisine is a pasta/pizza place that is great for a lighter meal, and has amazing burgs by the glass.