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Jun 3, 2012 03:02 PM

frustrating black metallic pans

arrgh! i need to get a nonstick black jelly roll pan AGAIN!
seems like i get them, and they buckle in the oven heat.
i had one once that didn't buckle, but i couldn't find a name on it when i went to buy another. now, i'm sick of this warping pan! this seems like it should be an easy thing to find - like at the grocery store? or marchall's?? do i have to pay an arm and a leg?
can someone PLEASE tell me a brand for a good, sturdy, heavy jelly roll pan (11x17). such a kitchen basic - it shouldn't be difficult to get a decent one!

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  1. Why a black pan, made of the same material, if you keep having problems with them? Why not try one from another manufacturer made of another material? I have several from Volrath, made of aluminum, and they have never warped. You can buy them from restaurant supply store?

    1. I second the Vollrath choice. Because they come in different sizes it is a good idea to measure the interior of your oven before you go to a restaurant supply house. You may decide you want other sizes too. While the aluminum pans will last a long time, they do not like dishwashers.