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Jun 3, 2012 02:50 PM

Wedding Wines

The bride & groom have decided on only wine and beer for the reception. I'm looking for suggestions for a sparkling, white, and red. We're planning to spend $12/person. I'm interested in an unoaked chardonnay or something similar, a toasting wine ( which may or not be actual champagne) and a red (I originally wanted a cab sav and a pinot noir, but I think I want to keep it really simple).

What the heck - give me beer suggestions as well. We think maybe Yuengling (local), a light, and one more.

Also, your suggestions for purveyors in the Lambertville/Stockton/Flemington area are greatly appreciated.


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  1. We had a recent post just like this a few days ago:

    Let us know if you still have unanswered questions after looking at that one. Since you are somewhat near the Bay Area, I really would work with a wine store like K & L who has a great online system, as well as phone customer service. Give them a call and see what they can do.

    Here's an example of a good Cab value from K & L:

    Example of a good Chard value from K & L: (this is not such a great value in retrospect as it is a half bottle - Qupe is a great producer though


    Costco can occasionally stock good wines at bulk discounts, so I would check there as well.

    I would check your options against, or you can always come back to this board and ask us our thoughts.

    Make sure to try whatever you pick yourself! There are lots of major duds in the under $12 range.

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      I believe OP is from the Pennsylvania area.

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        Whoops! Got it. Wrong Stockton.

    2. Make an outreach to Ken Rommel at Discover Wines in downtown Somerville......just 15 miles from Flemington. Their entire business model is to operate a wine store based upon identifying great bargain wines that selll for $10 to $15. and are food friendly. They also ensure a good discount on case and multi-case lots. Better yet, visit their shop on any Saturday afternoon as they. Always have a couple bottles open for walk in tasting. They only stock a couple hundred wines but they have tasted and know every single one and will work with you to identify wines that will fit your tastes and budget. Somerville has become a great destination restaurant town and Discover Wines has worked with most of the restaurants to have a couple selections already paired putt their cuisine so diners are referred there by the BYOB places for people in search of well matched, affordable wines. Ken's partner Kevin Cahill is equally a great resource hosting in house Wine tastings as fund raiders for local charities and as corporate outings.

      1. Thank you for all the selections and suggestions. The towns across the river in NJ are fairly wine friendly and have great selections. (Oh, to be in CA!)

        I'm thinking of prosecco or a Spanish sparkling to stand in for champagne. Any thoughts?

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          We're getting married at the end of the month and I thought I'd throw this out here and hopefully it's helpful.

          We're going with both Prosecco and Sparkling Rose instead of champagne. To be honest, I don't think most people even care or know if you serve them Champagne. Since we'll be serving hors d'oeuvres before the ceremony - we'll pair that with the prosecco and use the sparkling rose for the toast. The rose we got was an Argentinian Malbec called Hom and we got it at a wine wholesaler here in Seattle for $13. It's a lovely sheen of pink and would just look beautiful under lighting. The prosecco is called *Secco - the bottle doesn't look very fancy, but the wine is DELICIOUS.

          We're also having one WA State Riesling ($8) and a Pinot Grigio ($10) (the Chardonnays I found and like were generally too expensive). We also have a Rhone rose ($8), a French Minervaise ($18) and cheaper Italian Table Wine ($10). The Minervaise is better than most cheap Pinots and as a Pinot lover myself I was tempted to have at least a decent Burgundy at my wedding. Unfortunately the good ones DO cost a lot of money - you can also have a more expensive Pinot and counter that with a cheaper table wine from Spain or Italy.

          As for beer - we have Michelob (we have tons of Midwesterners descending), Sierra Nevada variety pack and Corona. I don't particularly think that you need some crazy microbrew at a wedding because most people do want lighter beers especially during the summer. I would say a better light lager and a good pale ale should suffice in most cases.

          The food and wine are the one thing I won't skimp on e.g. we're having the iPod instead of a band :-) BTW, I also wanted to suggest that sometimes Whole Foods have excellent wine deals and selection - and they usually have a sommelier that can recommend you a decent wine on a budget.

        2. aaah, Southern New Jersey! I'd order from Wine Library (in Springfield). you will get your best deals there. They have the delicious sparkling wines from Gruet in New Mexico for $10.99 a bottle (other places they can be up to $19!) I would speak to their wine director, Ian Dorin. He can recommend great wines in your price point.

          1. Thanks again for the wonderful suggestions, particularly from those who know the peculiarities of buying wine in PA!