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Jun 3, 2012 02:24 PM

Tokyo at Square One Mall

Anyone tried it yet? Searched boards but came up empty.

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  1. Yes. I have been there two times and I enjoyed myself. I got the shabu both times. I was happy because I did not have to go into Boston to get good shabu. I got the meat combo both times and I believe it was $11.95 or something like that. Besides that the only other thing I got was an appetizer of cold baby octopus. That was very good as well. I want to try the hibachi, but I cannot resist the shabu. The portions given were great and I liked the broth options available, but I ended up getting the miso broth both times. I plan on going back next week and getting shabu again, but trying the szechuan broth. The service is pretty good too. The place looks great and if it means anything to you, the bathrooms were spotless.

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      thanks-passed it again while at the mall-will need to check it out

    2. A few weeks ago my husband, daughter and I had a sushi take away from Tokyo Sq. 1 Mall. (Crazy I know but it's difficult for me to get out these days.) Anyway, we were more than happy with what we had. My daughter ordered for us with a little input from me and everything was delicious. Fresh tasting and very well made. I wish I could remember exactly what we got but I do remember the seaweed salad was wonderful... My daughter reported that the waitstaff were pleasant and efficient and the restaurant was packed. It's time for another feast from this place.

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