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Jun 3, 2012 02:09 PM

New Vietnamese in Hadley, MA -- Saigon Banh Mi

New hole in the wall (meaning = promising) place just opened Saturday June 2 on Route 9 in Hadley, in the strip mall with Mi Tierra and the halal meat market. Had a tofu banh mi, summer rolls -- both excellent. The sauce on the banh mi was tasty, the ingredients fresh, and while the roll did not quite convey "Paris," it was plenty good enough. Sauce for rolls was good, too.
Owner gave us the banh mi after we bought the summer rolls and a bubble tea.
Definitely going back. The menu is still small -- basics like fresh rolls, pho and banh mi -- but they seem good at what they're doing so far.
Not 100% sure of the name of the place, but this is husband's best recollection.

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  1. I went here for the first time last night and really enjoyed it.. Fresh pork and shrimp summer rolls were delicious and the hoisin sauce was perfect. The rolls were a bit cold but just leave them to room temp. and they become pretty perfect.

    I had the cold cuts banh mi.. could have used a bit more pate, but that is my only complaint. My husband's bbq pork was really tasty. The owners were very friendly. Just so you know, cash only at this point, but check them out!

    1. The summer rolls were great and the hoisin sauce was spot on, we finished up with the beef pho. I've had pho at Miss Saigon and the Vietnamese spots in Springfield but they taste bland and watered down. The pho at Banh Mi Saigon tasted homemade and was very tasty and you know you are eating good pho when you're sweating lol, btw they started taking card transactions yesterday. Will be back!!

      1. Stopped by for afternoon "teatime" --- had a spring roll, tasty, and summer roll, fat and packed and really really good (forgot about the hoisin, next time) ---
        and took home a BBQ pork banh mi to share. They ask if you want it spicy, and I had them hold back on the jalapenos, and we liked the sandwich a lot. Next time will try with more spiciness, to test.
        Pho will have to wait for cooler weather --
        Meantime, delighted they're here!

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          Yes, Moe was there the other day. Enjoyed the banh mi very much. A little chintzy on the pork but then again I was comparing it against the Gold Standard of banh mi, Saigon Sandwich Shop in SF. Also tried a sumer roll and found it impressive as well.

        2. They do eat in or take out. The eat in is bare bones, tables chairs & hoisen on every table. Order at the counter from the menu signs. The menu is: Banh mi - 5 varieties (1 Veggie) $4.45-4.75 Pho - 3 varieties (1 veggie) $7.95 Spring Rolls - 1 variety with shrimp & Meat, Summer rolls - 2 varieties (1 Veggie) $3.75 for 2 and Bubble teas.

          The tastes remind me of our first introduction to Vietnamese 'street food' in Seattle years ago and have been searching for since. We found it. This is not fine dining, but the food is fine!

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            we went last night and though my friends wished for a bigger menu, everything we had was really good. I especially like the beef Banh Mi, spicy. Summer rolls good, Pho ok, though the veggie was much better than the chicken. Service very sweet and obliging.

          2. THANK YOU to the owners for opening such a great place!!! I've had pho at literally dozens of pho specializing restaurants in Atlanta and Philadelphia and I will honestly say this place ranks right up there with the best of them.

            The broth is most important IMO and I say theirs is great. It's like night and day compared to the other pho place in Amherst...this place puts that one to shame, absolutely. Banh Mi Saigon's broth has that perfect mix of complex rich flavor.

            Tonight we tried beef pho, chicken pho, egg rolls, and grilled chcken banh mi. All were great. The fried spring (egg) rolls were piping hot and stuff with a nice balance of meat and veggies unlike some places that'll serve instant/frozen spring rolls. GF had the chicken pho and she really like it too. Like others have said, the balance of veggies, perfectly cooked meat, and the crusty soft bread is awesome. If you're curious, I'd recommend splitting the sandwich with a friend as an appetizer with an order of pho. YUMM...

            I'll try the summer rolls next time and definitely get the beef pho again. Prices are very good, esp for this area, and the quality is won't find much better in CT. $9 for beef pho, $8 for chicken pho.

            This place needs to be added to Google Maps so many others can find it easily.

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            1. re: ronin01r1

              I like the spring rolls, but I did see them bringing frozen ones from the store next door.

              1. re: magiesmom

                I know the owners and I can guarantee you that they make everything from scratch

                1. re: jackandcoke02

                  hmm, I wonder what was in the package with a picture of spring rolls on it.

                  1. re: magiesmom

                    I just ate there again yesterday (I CANNOT stay away from this place!). I had the summer rolls. THey were loaded with fresh ingredients, inluding very fresh pieces of scallion (hard to defrost and have them seem fresh, no?) making it hard for me to imagine them coming out of a freezer. Perhaps the package you saw was the actual rolls -- the wrappers -- but not a finished product? Next time I am there I will ask. I told them I put positive things about them on a food/restaurant website and they were SO happy. I'd like to stay positive given that the food is so tasty. And we don't have good Vietnamese here so I'd like to see this place make it.

                    1. re: jzzy55

                      Just to be clear - summer rolls are not fried, they are made with fresh ingredients (that vary) and have a soft rice paper wrapper; spring rolls are made with wonton skins, filled with various veggies and meat, and deep fried. I believe the comment about frozen items was referencing the spring rollls not the summer rolls, not really possible to freeze the summer rolls...

                      With that out of the way, I'd love to try this place, but I'm very partial to Vinh Chau at the X in Springfield. Also, in Brattleboro VT there is a lunch truck doing a very good chicken pho, banh mi and bun, and I don't have to drive all the way to Hadley for it. Also, when I drive to Hadley its usually for Mi Tierra so it would be such a difficult decision to give up tacos and margaritas for "pretty good" pho.