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Jun 3, 2012 02:04 PM

Cafe Soho 2 - Blue Bell

This just opened next to Rita's in the shopping center with Suzy's Donuts. Korean Fried chicken and wings. Anyone been? Reviews of the original one in Cheltenham say the wings are good but pricey.

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  1. I went last week for lunch super super slow your going to wait 1 hour for your wings, only 1 chef working. The wait was worth it, I believe these wings are better than cheltenham. I have been to the cheltenham location numerous times. My 2 fellow dining buddies mentioned it was the best wings they ever had. To combat the slow time you can call ahead your order and eat it there. They don't serve alcohol, so I guess its a byob. They have sushi bar the rolls I got weren't bad. It'll take time for them to take off in this location. Oh by the way Suzy Jo and Cafe Soho is the deadly combination ever. Ended up walking over to suzy jo for a dozen donuts. The service was slow in the end it got attentive will be back maybe in a month when they smooth things out. Overall dining experience was good the food spoke volumes.

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      I stopped in and grabbed a menu (and a Rita's cantelope water ice) on my way to my tournament. Since they are open later on fridays I was able to place an order for ten wings (sweet and spicy) around ten pm and pick up around elevenish. The wings were still warm and very good. I plan to try all the different flavors. Tried to score some donuts when I stopped earlier but apparently they close at two pm.
      Thanks for the reviews (I think!) I am now addicted.

    2. Went there for dinner yesterday. Walked in and was hit by the smell of the place. Got used to it after a few minutes though.

      Their menu does not offer much. However, The various flavored fried chicken wings are on page one and prominently displayed. $20 per order of 20 pieces (each is half of a wing). I had the Spicy and it was good.

      The other main dishes are certainly over-priced for the quality. One can easily get similar food at any of the Asian market food courts around for half the price. Our group ordered 2 pork dishes and was disappointed by both. But the most curious is their fruit juice. Not cheap at $6/each. Came frozen, served in a SKINNY glass. The weather being hot outside, I took 2 sips and it was gone. Thirsty for, no, no, not at that price for this wee bit of coolness. Better off going next door to Rita's.

      Coming out we bumped into some hunky-looking Korean teens on the steps. This place is one of the 'trendy' chicken wing spots young Koreans favor - go with friends and spend the evening hanging out while chewing wings. Not meant to be a restaurant. Hello, did they not say 'cafe'? Silly me...

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        I was there yesterday also born! My friend and I called and got the twenty wings to go, half spicy and half fried. The dude even remembered the side of radishes and they were better this time, or else I am acquiring a taste for them.
        The heat must have gotten to me because while we were waiting to pay (he got a coupla phone in orders) I became fascinated by the rubber band ball by the register. It is amazing how high those things bounce. :) My friend is not a fan of heat but the plain wings made him very happy and I loved the spicy. I had two leftover and had them for a tasty late snack with some watermelon. Went well together.
        They were out of take out menus but a dude was bringing in a stack as we left and a nice lady and I both snagged a menu before he could even get in the door so I guess they will be doing well. Be careful of these wings my fellow hounds, they are addicting. Even in the fourth of july heat my friend and I could not resist standing there in the baked parking lot and sampling a wing to give us strength for the ride home. I'll be back.

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          Carbs you are the only person who has mentioned getting an order of 10. Do they do half orders or was that just because it was at the end of the evening?

          1. re: cwdonald

            You can get ten. But it is 12.00 so twenty is a better value, he he! They should toss up an online menu and site, haven't been able to find one yet.
            Was just watching The Men Who Made Us Fat so I am blushing here.
            Oh, the chicken comes in a really kewl cardboard box with a picture of a chicken on a cell phone. My order of ten didn't get the box greasy so I am using it to store new potatoes in style!

      2. We've done take out and dine in. I love the chicken and the service has been just fine for us. I wish they would put out carafes of water or barley tea like they do at KoKo. They seem to be a little slow on the beverage service. Those carafes make it a lot easier.

        1. I think they may have worked out their service issues, because we started frequenting the restaurant in September, been there about 5 or 6 times and service has been fine. We havent waited more that 15 minutes for our wings. I have enjoyed their sushi rolls, and their incredible kim chee fried rice and other dishes. The wings are incredibly good. One warning is that it is hard to stop eating them, even when you have decided you are full.
          We have had the soy garlic and the spicy wings. Both are great. I prefer the spicy wings. They are quite hot, too hot for one of my sons, but he loves the soy garlic wings.

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            I've eaten with my friend John many times and I have never seen him behave the way he did when he had finished his chicken but I was still savoring mine. No I did not give him any of mine but I have never seen so much puppy dog eyes. And John doesn't really go in for chicken. They are amazing. My other friend really likes the sweet and sour wings. Getting hungry just thinking about their wings.