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Jun 3, 2012 01:11 PM

FQ Dessert Shops

I will be staying in the FQ in a few weeks and I'm looking for dessert shops. Preferably a variety of classic french style desserts. I will be spending a lot of time walking around the FQ and would love to know a couple of places beforehand to enjoy with my 10 yr old daughter.

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  1. This isn't quite what you're looking for, but on a hot day, Meltdown Popsicles is a great place to visit: .

      1. re: Cat Lady

        Cat Lady after checking out the website this is exactly what I'm looking for and it's just a few blocks from the hotel. Thanks for all the helpful info. Based on the heat I will definitely keep Meltdown Popsiscles in mind Midcity. Thanks

        1. re: adriaport1

          They are awesome! My two favorites are the salted caramel and the vietnamese coffee.

          1. re: rouxdauphine

            Another vote for Meltdown....our favorites are salted caramel and pineapple lime cilantro. A fabulous dessert shop is Sucre. However, it is not located within The Quarter. It can easily be reached, though, by taking the Magazine St. bus (available on Canal St. near The Sheraton) and get off near the 3025 block. If you purchase a Jazzy Pass ($3. each), you can get on/off the bus an unlimited numbers of times within 24-hrs. and also ride the streetcars with the same pass. Your daughter might enjoy that experience, too. Anyway, the French macaroons at Sucre are divine, and they also have an "All Things NOLA" Sundae that consists of Brown Butter Pecan Gelato, Bananas Foster Sauce, Bread Pudding Pieces, Whipped Cream, and Roasted Pecans....need I say more?

            1. re: lillidalla

              Thanks for the detailed info on the bus pass/trolley to magazine st. This will be very helpful. I do plan to visit there and check out the many shops. The Croisant Dohr shop seems to have it all with Vienese coffee which I noticed also and the prices seem reasonable. The atmosphere seems nice way to unwind. I will try the salted caramel too.

              1. re: adriaport1

                Also try La Divina in the FQ for Italian style coffee and pastries, as well as gelato.

      2. Brocatto's on North Carrollton
        Canal Street car will take you there...slight walk from Canal.