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Jun 3, 2012 11:43 AM

New French Bistro coming to Croton on Hudson

From Journal News:

Jonathan Pratt and Craig Purdy, owners of Peter Pratt’s Inn in Yorktown Heights and Umami Cafe and MexToGo in Croton-on-Hudson, will open a French Bistro with a Moroccan flair in the former Bella Paula location at 120 Grand Street in Croton-on-Hudson this summer. They hope to be open by July.

Pratt says the menu will be classic French bistro — steak frites and frisee aux lardons and the like — with Moroccan dishes, too, such as tagines, carrot salads and mint tea. France and Morocco have had political ties since the 8th century.

The restaurant will have 50 to 60 seats inside, and 20 seats on a patio. It will look more like Paris than Marrakech, thought Pratt wasn’t sure whether they’d have a zinc bar. Bella Paula used to be split in two; one side a pizzeria, the other a restaurant. Pratt and Purdy are converting the pizzeria to a bar, which will also have seating. The working name, which may change, is Brasserie Grand.

Hoping this will be a good thing - we need some more dining options. Now if only someone will open a Thai restaurant, and a good Mediterranean place in the area, I will be SUPER HAPPY!

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  1. Update - I've heard from the owners that it will be called Tagine.

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    1. re: Nancy C

      Sounds more "Marrakech than Paris". In any case, looking forward to it! (Hey Jonathan, how about a woodburning oven pizza restaurant...ala Burrata in Eastchester, this section of the County is a pizza wasteland)

      1. re: JanRan

        have you tried paradise pizza in verplanck? It's not diFara's but it's thin crust with some cornmeal...interesting at least. google "paradise pizza westchester magazine" for a nice writeup.

          1. re: vinouspleasure

            Hmm... sounds work trying... I like the personal margerita at Croton Landing Tavern, but would love to explore an alternative. Appriciation for the tip!

            1. re: Nancy C

              This place is going to be great! Have talked with Craig Purdy about it extensively, and my son got a tour around the construction site.

              We should have an area Chowhound meetup there!

                1. re: Elisa515

                  a real deal French bistro would be brilliant... too many (most) are just the bland cartoon version.

                  here's hoping...

        1. Something like that would be so nice in White Plains.

          1. Did this place ever open? I haven't heard anymore about it. Also what about where Anton's use to be, it looked they are really working on that building. Is Anton's coming back?

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            1. re: GIOny

              Renovations continue at Tagine. Last we heard they hoped to open by Thanksgiving, but I'd imagine that has been delayed because of Hurricane Sandy.

              Haven't heard anything specific about Anton's, but there's still activity at the site.

            2. Heard from someone involved in the restaurant that they are set to open the week after New Year's, date dependent on how the soft opening goes. Can't wait till they get a website and menu up! This place sounds very promising.

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              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                Still not open, but a local blog posted a pic of the menu that was put in the window. Looks interesting, with entrees from $16 to $25.


                1. re: dma1250

                  So..... anyone know what's the status on this place now? I was looking forward to trying either this place or the much-anticipated Vietnamese place this coming weekend! :)

                  1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                    Soft opening as of this past weekend. My son stopped by the wine bar and said it all looked very nice.

                    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                      According to the Westchester Eats blog it has opened. It said details are coming but I haven't seen anything yet.

                2. LoHud's Small Bites blog has a very positive post on the restaurant, along with lots of photos.


                  Anyone been yet?

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                    1. re: dma1250

                      Not been yet. Hope to soon. But, just a thought, perhaps Small Bites could have found someone other than Ms Costa to post the first review. Afterall, that her "very French and talented friend" is the chef may have had some bearing on her glowing review.

                      1. re: frank113

                        Agreed but I don't personally put much stock in any of the opinions of the small bites bloggers anyway.

                        1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                          Agreed also--I couldn't get past her description of raclette as ooey-gooey and cornichons as cute little French pickles....looking forward to your review, i eat!

                          1. re: Marge

                            Slightly OT for the thread, but I took a cooking class with one of the bloggers (got a gift certificate for a present) and it was so disorganized and amateur that I think I could have taught a better class. Point is, that makes me skeptical of the "expertise" of the bloggers.