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Jun 3, 2012 10:05 AM

BBQ for 20 and my steaks are tough what to do?

The steaks are sirloin tip and fresh, they are very tough what can I do to tenderize them I need them in 2 days we won't have a stove to use just a BBQ ...please help

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  1. Cut them into chunks, marinate them and make kebabs. A marinade will tenderize them just fine.

    1. Sirloin tip is not a good cut for steak because it is inherently tough. Marinating won't help much; even the best acid-based marinade will only penetrate about 1/4 inch at most and won't really make anything tender -- it will make it mushy. Tender and juicy are what you are after and that won't be it.

      If the sirloin tip is still in roast form you are in better shape than if it is already cut into steaks. But either way, you shouldn't try to serve as traditional steaks, and you certainly shouldn't try to cook them like one. You should adapt the low and slow method commmonly used for roasts to the steaks and they will come out great.

      Hopefully these are cut quite thick. Sear quickly on each side -- a minute or two, tops -- then put over very low indirect heat (no more than 225) and cook slowly until they reach 127 internal. Use a good thermometer to check, inserted sideways. Hold until internal temp comes up to 130-135, then slice thinly on the diagonal across the grain and serve that way. They will be tender and juicy. But they must not go past 135F.

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        Yep. And a good rub works nicely with this.

      2. I'd pound them after cutting into strips then marinate them in soy/brown sugar/ginger/garlic then when needed quickly roast them foil covered with a bit if beef broth. serve them on a platter

        1. I just about 20 minutes ago, finished having a wonderful sirloin tip dinner. I marinated them overnight in a teriyaki sauce, (off the shelf) and grilled rare. Practically melted in our mouths.
          Do not overcook they will become tougher, but at rare to medium rare they were delicious.

          1. Not being a big fan of soy or teriyaki, I admit I'd rather have a steak that was fairly tough than soaked in soy sauce or teriyaki. Would buttermilk tenderize them if they were pounded? Maybe some papain-based tenderizer? I tend not to like those, but the OP is in a bind with a lot of tough meat and a lot of people to feed.