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Jun 3, 2012 09:22 AM

Too much ground deer italian sausage...what can I prepare with it for a crowd?

We have been blessed with a hunter that shares with us varieties of venison...I have no less than 8 lbs of ground venison seasoned with italian seasoning which I use to make an awesome spagetti sauce. BUT, I have an upcoming trip with our church youth group that I am preparing the main dish for up to 40 kids and adults. Is there a recipe out there? By the way, we are camping so something I could prepare before freeze and use my slowcookers to reheat would be a plus...

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  1. Crows?
    So, your awesome spaghetti sauce wouldn't work because...?

    1. Break it up, brown it and use it in a medley of beans. Kinda like a chili but with an Italian flare.
      If you want to pump up their carbs. and stretch the number of servings, use the "chili" to top roasted whole potatoes. Potatoes are easy to wrap in foil and roast in the coals of an open camp fire.

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        Make Heros ,Subs,Grinders or whatever you call a big sandwich on Italian bread. cook in an oven baked Frittata .I'd like it myself with fried cornmeal mush / polenta .

      2. Hey ashby, these would be good because the Italian seasoning part is already done! You could cook the onions and peppers and even form the patties ahead of time and then just cook the patties on the grill just like cheese burgers.

        Amy, CHOW Test Kitchen