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Jun 3, 2012 09:20 AM

Need a Durham Dinner Rec for This Evening

I'm headed to Durham tonight for a Steve Martin Concert/Act at The Durham Performing Arts Center in the downtown area. I have browsed previous threads, and can't put my finger on what to try. It will be three of us, we would like cocktails with dinner, and one of us has relative conservative tastes when when it comes to ordering and eating foods. Price and atmosphere of restaurant are not important, although we wouldn't want anything "stuffy", just looking for some flavor, or just a fun place to hang out a couple hours if that's an option.

Any last minute recs you could send my way?

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  1. If you're looking for someplace walking distance this won't help much, but I'm a big fan of Vin Rouge, which is open on Sunday nights. French country cooking, not anything fancy, and a very lively bustling atmosphere. Grandma's chicken, steak frites, macaroni and cheese with bacon are all available for the less adventurous.

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      The weather is pleasant right now so I'd recommend L'Uva for good Italian and nice patio seating. Walking distance to DPAC and good patio for people watching. I also endorse Vin Rouge.

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        I'm not sure where you're coming from so this may be out of the way since it's across town, I'd recommend Six Plates. The food is solid and it's a great place to hang out for a couple of hours. They have an excellent drinks list. I think you're better off at a bar-type of place than a restaurant, where I would feel uncomfortable hanging out for a couple of hours.

    2. Well, when it was decision time, the only rec i had received was Vin Rouge, they didn't open till 5:30 and couldn't seat us till 5:54, and the show started at 7pm...SO, i made the mistake of trying Cuban Revolution...VERY PEDESTRIAN quality Cuban, and flavors in general. But never fear, the evening was about the show, and convenience, and those two needs were met. It was my fault for posting so late in the game. I appreciate all your recs, and will try Vin Rouge sometime in the future.