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Jun 3, 2012 09:07 AM

Virginia is in the South, Not the Mid-Atlantic.


If Kentucky is considered "South" then so should Virginia. Its ridiculous to include places like Richmond and Charlottesville in with places like Newark and Camden. What do y'all think?

  1. New Jersey is not part of the MidAtlantic board either. It has its own board.

    1. But it's on the Atlantic coast, unlike Kentucky.

      1. Washington suburbs are certainly Mid-Atlantic. Richmond perhaps not.

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          They generally don't break up states. And New Jersey is north of Delaware.. so perhaps it is not MID on the Atlantic coast. The reality is that the states lumped together do not get enough traffic to justify their own boards. And while KY and VA border each other, the predominant part of the population in VA is close to MD than it is to KY. And VA does have coast too ... Virginia beach etc. And this thread should be moved to the Site Talk board where non food related topics are discussed.

          1. re: cwdonald

            Thats why It should be Virginia and The Carolinas. Im only about an hour's drive from North Carolina. We got good BBQ in Richmond. Cotton and Peanuts grow near where i live. That ain't Mid-Atlantic.

          2. re: GH1618

            Yes, but my point is Kentucky is basically same latitude as Virginia- and Kentucky is included in the " South", but Virgina (which IMO is far more "Southern culturally than KY) is not included in the South. Virginia cuisine is traditionally Southern. I believe Northern Virginia is Southern in comparison to New York and PA, correct me if Im wrong, and certainly Richmond, Virginia is Southern. Its south of Louisville on the map anyway. If they put Kentucky in "South", then so should Virginia be.

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              As someone who lives in NoVa, I consider where I live more like the DC/metro MD area than Richmond. VA used to broken up between NoVa, inside the beltway, and the rest that was part of the mid-Atlantic. I can't remember when it changed but as people moved out, more people outside the beltway considered themselves more part of DC than southern VA. And, VA is part of the Mid-Atlantic, geographically speaking. Maybe the argument should be made to move Kentucky from the South.

              1. re: chowser

                No, Virginia is a South Atlantic State- a South Coastal state like North Carolina. Northern Virginia is still in the South geographically, but its a very transient area. The point is, KY is included in "South" If Virginia is "Mid-Atlantic" then Kentucky should be "Midwest'. Hate to break this to you, but Virginia is a Southern state. If anyone has a problem with that, they are free to move North. Northern Virginia is still very different from Maryland. I am from Northern Virginia and Maryland is like a foreign country to me. Richmond most definitely is the South, though. So maybe by today's standards, we could lump NOVA/DC/MD as cut off between South and Mid-Atlantic.

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                  So you want part of VA in the South? I don't think CH is going to partition off states.

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                    As a New Yorker who lives inside the beltway in NoVa, I will correct Mook1, as he requested, for being wrong. Sure, DC is different than NY or Philly, but it is not "Southern." I've also lived in Richmond and spent a lot of time in Atlanta and the Carolinas, so I know the difference. Richmond is somewhat southern, but it's practically Boston when you compare it to Savannah, Mobile or Memphis.

                    As far as Virginia being at the same latitude as Kentucky, I think being "southern" is more about culture than geography. Do you think Arizona should be classified as the south? Because it's located further south than both KY and VA. So is Los Angeles. And while I don't have a lot of experience with Kentucky, from the few times I've been there, culturally it seems WAY more southern than anywhere in Virginia, except the most southwest portion of the Old Dominion (which borders KY and TN).

                    1. re: monkfish21

                      Richmond is "somewhat Southern", Are you kidding?" Richmond is very Southern, and its much more Southern than Raleigh, Nashville, or Atlanta. Richmond people are very much like Charleston people. Even the accents are similar. Of course its not the Deep South, but its still the South, Richmond is like Like Boston? On what planet are you on?. I know the areas well. Kentucky is nowhere near as Southern as Virginia. And Southwest VA is Appalachia, once again- different.

                    2. re: mook1

                      Mook1, I hate to break it to you, but as I have heard from "Real Southerners" several times, the only people in the south who think Virginia is still part of the south are Virginians. If you get culture shock from going to Maryland, well, maybe you should go ask a 'Bama boy what he thinks of your Yankee ass.

                      1. re: monkfish21

                        I met a lady giving a tour of the Margaret Mitchell house in Atlanta and she was from Georgia, and she asked me where I was from, and I said "Virginia" and she said it was nice to meet a fellow Southerner. So there. BTW, Virginia was Southern long before Alabama was even a state.

                        1. re: mook1

                          Conversely, when I was a freshman at the U. of GA, I was frequently called a Yankee.

                        2. re: monkfish21

                          Virginians ARE REAL SOUTHERNERS. It is the oldest Southern state. I tell people from Alabama, "Y'all are just copying us", lol. They are just jealous. They can't claim Robert E. Lee or Patsy Cline or Country Music- all came from Virginia.

                          1. re: mook1

                            Yes, I'm aware that Virginia is historically southern, capital of the Confederacy and all that. I'm also living in and looking at Virginia in 2012. It ain't 1860 anymore.

                            And yes, I know Richmond is not really like Boston. It's called figurative hyperbole, done for dramatic effect. The point was that compared to other cities, Richmond does not have an abundance of southern culture. Not devoid of it, just not that much.

                            Bigger question: as many others have pointed out, what difference does it make on these boards?

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                      Kentucky and Tennessee are their own board, not part fo the "South" board (which doesn't exist, btw)

                    4. I think Chowhound isn't going to move Virginia back to the Southeast Board.

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                        1. re: grangie angie

                          I don't think this is about geography.

                        2. re: carolinadawg

                          Then put Kentuck in the Midwest , then. Its not the South. Virginia is much more Southern than KY . Kentucky wasn't even in the Confederacy.

                            1. re: mook1

                              I don't have the ability to put "Kentuck" anywhere, so asking me to do so is pointless. Not to mention, Kentucky isn't part of the "South" board, it's part of a separate board with TN.

                              1. re: carolinadawg

                                That's OK. There isn't a midwest board anymore either. :)

                          1. ROFL....when I read this I thought Newark, Del. and Camden Yards in MD.

                            A very very silly and poor argument. The switch to NJ having it's own board was made several years ago. I think there was some (and perhaps still) some feuding of where Conn should be.

                            Now, since I live in South Coastal NJ, NYC is another country, one I love to visit and think of VA, as Mid Atlantic because of DC and the Chesapeake. And before you go off saying what can someone from NJ know, my dear cousin resides in Yorktown and I always love to travel the entire way there and back via the coastal route. Yeah, its mid Atlantic.

                            BTW, Welcome to CH.