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Jun 3, 2012 08:48 AM

Good Package Deal for Meat?

A local butcher shop is offering the following "BBQ Special" package for $34.99...

3lb. Chicken Drumsticks & Thighs
3lb. Baby Spare Ribs
2lb. Ground Sirloin
2lb. Italian Sausage
2lb. Dietz & Watson Franks

I don't shop at this place very often so I don't know how much of a discount it would be off of their normal prices, or if they are just bundling everything together. I might head over this week to investigate, but I wanted to see if anyone had any opinions on this.

In total, it comes out to a little less than $3/lb for everything, but without knowing the average price of all these items individually, I'm not sure how good a deal this might be.


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  1. In my area (Suburban NYC) I can get the following, on sale:
    Chicken legs/thighs $1.50 or less per lb
    Italian sausage $1.99-$2.99 per lb
    Ground beef $2.99-$5.99 per lb (depending on the fat content)
    Baby back ribs around $4-5 lb

    I've seen these meat packages before, but never bought one myself, since there is usually something I don't normally use in them (in this case, it would be the hot dogs). But if the quality is good, you will use/freeze it all, and it will save you time, then the price isn't all that bad.

    1. Philly / South Jersey Area.

      Chicken Thighs & Drumsticks $1.19 lb Tyson or Perdue

      Baby Back Ribs $3.99lb - $4.50lb Leidy's Pennsylvania Dutch PREMIUM Quality.

      Ground Sirloin $3.50 - $4.00lb

      Italian Sausage $2.50lb Shoprite house brand , $3.99lb Maglio PREMIUM Quaity

      Dietz & Watson franks : Don't know, don't eat them.

      ***$3.00 lb is prob not bad for everything but the chicken IF its good quality stuff & if you want all of it.

      1. a quick tally at my local supermarket would put all the items at just under $30....If the butcher has good meat, then the Sausage and Ground Sirloin should be worth the extra $5. It's a reasonable deal....

        On sale at my local supermarket , the tally would be around $23...but that would be if every item was on sale at the same time.

        For the record....I would rather shop at a good supermarket, than at a poor butcher. ..I see similar specials at the ethnic markets, but the meat is not anything special.,,,but they do run great deals on chicken leg quarters.....49-..69 daily. and most of the meat is almost always priced lower than the supermarket.