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Jun 3, 2012 08:09 AM

Does anybody own a grill?

They have a model called "inferno" that looks awesome. Is it heavy duty? Well made? I am really looking for some independent people for some opinions as this would be a huge investment for me.

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  1. takes you to a website for wall grills for heating ducts..

    here's the proper link...and they do look great!

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      Thanks. I had the name wrong. They look really nice.

    2. I have never heard of them, but any outdoor, high heat cooker is only as good as the availability of replacement parts. Otherwise, you'll be lucky to get 48 months out of it

      1. Steven Raichlen is a fan... check out this video entitled "Raichlen Grills Elk on The Grillworks wood grill "

        You could ask him about it... his website has a page where you can send him a note (not sure if he'll answer but worth a minute to try)....

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          I have a large steel box to cook on but I am interested in the "rack" that make the coals. I can do a whole goat or lamb and a large paella but I would like to make the coals faster. The inferno model has that"rack" Maybe I need to get one made. Here is my Cooking Box

        2. Yowser.. it's the Infierno.

          I haven't ever seen anything like it. I'd guess there's only 1 or 2 in existence!

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            1. re: JB BANNISTER

              Looks like a Medieval torture device (not that I know much about Medieval torture devices.....)

          1. JB BANNISTER I thought that I saw a simpler floor model from them at the BBQ Barn in Arlington, MA. But, it could have been another domestically made Argentine style grill as neither site lists each other and was much nicer than the imported models I have seen. It looked well built and certainly was enough to droll over, but the simplest model starts at $2750 and the price tag there was in that neighborhood or more. Its not listed on the BBQ Barn line, so it might be worth calling to check if indeed they carried it and if no more why they stopped. Or if you have a friend nearby ask them to look. I do like some of the features of the model you suggested (and any of the brick lined models), but I would rather make a built-in brick BBQ with an insert with at least 3 zones (much less expensive if fixed -- it also looks like you have friends who can weld, plus its not $2750 for a Brazilian-made insert with v-grill and flywheel) and a separate cart which isn't as fancy. I would be concerned about how many of each model they sell and expense of repair but it is a company that has been around vs having one built or buying from an importer or eBay seller that might not be there tomorrow.

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            1. re: itaunas

              I would like someting that I can mount on a trailer to be mobile and open so people can see what is happening.

              1. re: JB BANNISTER

                What I saw at BBQ Barn wasn't designed for tow-behind use like many commercial smokers (stainless wouldn't be my choice for that), but if it was a Grillworks it was solidly made and wouldn't have any issues hauling it mounted on a trailer. In any case I would suggest calling the BBQ Barn regarding whether they carried this and would ask the Grillery itself about their warranties and limitations for "commercial" use (as well as NSF certification on specific models if you are going to need to get permits because different cities have different requirements and this is a big investment).