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Jun 3, 2012 07:36 AM

Lunch with older kids in Portland

Can anyone suggest a good place to take my teen/pre-teen in Portland (not Gritty's, please) - they are great eaters, love seafood to bistro food to hot dogs - not into the touristy places or somewhere we have to take out a second mortgage to eat. We travel to Portland at least 4-5 times a year, last trip up (last week) we went to the Porthole on Custom House Wharf, was pretty good and great atmosphere for the kids . . . . any suggestions welcomed and we walk miles all over town when we're there so any area at all in Portland would be appreciated.

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  1. I take my teenage boys to NOSH semi-regularly. Big sandwiches, great fries. Duckfat is a good choice too for the same reasons plus the addition of great milkshakes and house made sodas. If they like Thai, Boda is excellent as well.

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      Hard to imagine that a teen wouldn't adore Duckfat: panini, the great fries, beignets, and to-die-for milk shakes.

    2. El Rayo Taqueria. Fun & lively, great food.

      1. Micucci to split a slab or two. If it's nice out, go at lunch time for the wait in line. The kids can put together pizza boxes while you wait - it's really part of the scene - eat in or by the water. You can share one or two slabs then walk the half block to Duckfat for some fries and a shake.

        1. Another locally wacky favorite: Silly's on Washington Ave: Should be easily within your hiking radius.

          1. This is a terrific, lively place with delicious food. And if you call ahead and plan to arrive within an hour, they'll put you on the wait list!