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Jun 3, 2012 05:28 AM

Ways to Heat Own Food When Away from Home? [moved from Special Diets board]

Like probably a lot of people following special diets, I prefer to eat my own food whenever possible. I'm just seeking ideas for how to heat food in a pyrex bowl (typical meal for me is precooked rice and meat) when away from home. I know sometimes gas stations have microwaves in the area they sell convenience foods in, but in a city, these can be hard to come by.

And I think I've tried every type of contraption around (hot plate that plugs into car power outlet, self-heating type camping meal heaters, etc.), but haven't found one that works too well.

Any ideas appreciated,


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  1. Hi jon44'

    For 25 years, or longer cycle camping in France I have used a Trangia stove:

    It has served me well, runs on denatured ethanol which is sold in France as

    alcool à brûler and in England as Methylated spirits , in the USA as Ethanol.

    The Trangia has no moving parts .

    You can cook up a storm:

    1. Have you tried the insulated food containers? The theory is that you put hot food into them in the morning and it will still be eating temperature at lunchtime, cutting down on the need for reheating.

      1. Induction cooking may work for you if you are near an outlet. It is a countertop heating element that only gets hot if you put a certain kind of pan on it. My sister in law has been using them in her home and camper for years. She didn't even install a regular stove in her new home.