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Jun 3, 2012 04:17 AM

Places like Baohaus, Xi'an FF, Pok Pok Wings, Nicky's viet on Westside?

Title basically explains it. I live far from the EV/LES these days and would like be able to stroll to some good cheap eats (& easy to go) on the west side. Really anywhere from WV to southern UWS works. All I can think of off the top of my head are Kati Roll (love) , empanada mama (great), Shortys (okay) and Meatball Shop (have't been to, but haven't heard great things), but there must be plenty more. Prefer closer to 42nd St, but realize most will probably be in the Village.

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  1. Meatball Shoppe is good despite bad reviews, Num Pang isn't West village,but I like the place and its almost West Village and is a great deal for delicious sandwiches. I prefer them to Nicky's. Across the street from Num Pang is a place on the corner called something like Tortilleria not to be confused with Tacqueria 2 doors down on E12th st. This is a good place for cheap and good eats.
    In tribeca, which is west, Cornerstone Grill has great burgers, bbq and wings at a reasonable price. I think they have 2 chairs to sit on there. And another 2 outside. Grand Daisy or further uptown Sullivan Street pizza for the potato pizza.

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      Num Pang is in the Village, which is short for Greenwich Village, and I think most New Yorkers who grew up here and are maybe 35 or older consider "The Village" synonymous with "The West Village." It's not in the East Village, which used to be just considered part of the Lower East Side. "Central Village" is a moniker not accepted by many New Yorkers, and I consider it misleading at best. So yes, I would say Num Pang is in the (West) Village. And I do like it, but since it's Cambodian, I can't directly compare it to Vietnamese sandwich places, though it's certainly reasonable to give an overall rating of the sandwiches in two different places. (For the record, I haven't tried Nicky's.)

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        The interesting thing about Num Pang, besides having good sandwiches, is that my friends from Cambodia, and one of which has a couple of restaurants in Phnom Penh claims there are no sandwiches similar to Num Pang in Cambodia. So perhaps the Cambodian claim is a marketing thing.

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            Wow, if that is true, Ratha Chaupoly was very clever at marketing his concept. I wonder how many of us bought and sold the story that these were a Phnom Penh phenomenon.

            1. re: JungMann

              As far as I'm told it is true. The sandwiches do seem very Vietnamese

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                Seriously. Y'all gotta be kidding. Num Pang's as authentic as Trader Vic's.

      2. El Idolo taco truck (for Mexican-style, fat, corn-husk-wrapped tamales)
        Thelewala (also good for kati rolls)
        Indian Creperie (good dosa, vada)
        Tebaya (Japanese style wings and fried chicken)
        Co Ba (so-so bahn mi, good pho and small plates)
        Laut (roti canai, rice crepe, asam laksa)

        I personally don't love it, but many of my friends seem to like Noodle Shop in the West Village for Asian inspired noodles and sandwiches.

        1. There's a fairly decent pho place on 40th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. Can't remember its name right now, but it's just a few doors down from Guy & Gallard.

          We've ordered delivery a few times now from BaoBBQ in the West Village and have thought that it's very good. It's Asian rotisserie chicken, noodle dishes, spring rolls, etc.

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            are you thinking of boi for pho, lora?

          2. I was wandering around this afternoon and noticed Oaxaca Taco on Greenwich near Perry - it would be a good addition to your cheap-eats-to-go list. I had a potato/poblano taco, nicely dressed with pickled onion, cotija cheese and corn salsa. The tortillas were very good, better than the filling (which was too mushy for my taste, and too light on the poblanos). The regular menu is pretty limited, but there are daily specials.


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              thanks Oaxaca was perfect and plan to go back. Also looking forward to checking out more of these places

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                Did delivery from Oaxaca a few weeks ago and it was very good too.

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                  That's great! I just fell hard for Taco Morelos' vegetarian taco, but they're out of your preferred area. Still, if you find yourself at 2nd & A...