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Jun 3, 2012 03:16 AM

New York Breakfast?

We are visiting New York soon (first visit...V exited) and are looking for some places that do amazing Breakfasts! Just as exited to see the city as the food! We will be based near Times Square but don't mind traveling to other areas to find some special places that have great atmosphere and tasty Breakfasts. Also during our short visit (couple of days) we're celebrating a Birthday on Sunday, should we head for Breakfast or Brunch that day?

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  1. Go to Barney Greengrass at Amsterdam, 86-87 and go early.

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    1. re: serious

      +1 ... this is New York breakfast

    2. For weekend brunch, no reservations taken:
      The Breslin
      Joseph Leonard
      Spotted Pig

      Takes reservations:
      Minetta Tavern
      Locanda Verde
      North End Grill
      Union Sq Cafe

      Best weekday breakfast:

      Best weekend brunch:

      1. A general reply but as it's your first visit pick a typical New York diner. I personally love bagels and lox for breakfast but all New York diner breakfasts are fantastic. Go to Balthazar for your birthday brunch.

        1. Russ & Daughters or Murray's Bagels for a bagel and lox
          Peels or Egg for a biscuit breakfast sandwich
          Shopskin's for a truly bizarre, well done breakfast menu (mac and cheese pancakes!)
          Prune - I second that for a weekend brunch, although you'll be waiting a while
          Buttermilk Channel is in Brooklyn, but also wonderful for a weekend brunch and in a beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood
          Bowery Diner is newly opened and getting some good press

          Hope this helps!

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            Gosh, what a fabulous selection of places to choose from...spoiled for choice : )
            All the suggestions sound mouthwatering! Thankyou to everyone for your reply's, its very much appreciated.

            1. re: ambersunset

              I'm a throw my fav's out there too, cafe luxembourg, and Eatery.

          2. I'd also add Buvette in the WV to your list.