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Jun 3, 2012 02:41 AM

Recs for places to get kimchee fired rice?

I'd like some suggested places to get kimchee fried rice. I once got some off some Korean food truck (not one of the well known trucks) and it wasn't very tasty to me. That was some time back. About a month ago I was in George's Coffee Shop in Culver City. Those of you familiar with the place know it's run by a Korean couple. They have some Korean dishes, but mostly just regular american breakfast and lunch fare. The wife took a break to eat her lunch since the crowd had thinned down considerably. She had this good sized bowl of fried rice that looked pretty good. I asked and she said it was kimchee fried rice. When I enquired if they ever thought of putting on the menu she said "no" and looked a bit puzzled like she didn't think it'd be very popular. Too bad. So 'hounds can any of you direct me to a good spot to scratch my itch? Prefer the mid-city to westside of town. I'm avoiding K-town because the traffic/parking gives me the willies.

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  1. I don't know of any place other than making it. I have about 15 korean restaurants in a 1 mile radius of my house in Gardena and none of them that I know of, serve kim chee fried rice. Sorry. Maybe they could make it for you as a special order next time you go.

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        And just in case you are craving this in the middle of the night you can find it at one of the better 24 hr. K-town places here:

      2. I'm surprised none of the Korean eateries around Gardena offer kimchi fried rice. I'm not an expert of Korean cuisine, but kimchi fried rice is a natural for comfort food. It's definitely on the menus of many eateries in Koreatown, as well as batting clean-up at some of the places that do bbq/grilling at the table. We had kimchi bokumbap recently at Hodori on Vermont.

        Some Japanese eateries will offer it as well - my wife almost always orders anything kimchi when it's offered at Japanese restos; unfortunately, I can't remember where she has gotten it. It's been decades, but I think Gardena Bowl coffee shop has it.

        I think Chego in West LA has kimchi fried rice in one of their rice bowl concoctions.

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          Yes, Gardena Bowl has Kimchee bacon fried rice

        2. If you want to "make" it at home, Trader Joe's has a frozen version. Very good!

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            Thanks for the replies. "biskitsngrvy," I saw a few reviews of the Trader Joe's kimchee fried rice and some thought it was a little bland and someone thought the taste was okay, but lacking in the ratio of cabbage to rice. Might try it with some store bought kimchee to help it out. Thanks for the link "Servorg," I may have to bite the bullet and head towards K-town. "bulavinaka" I did check Chego's menu and they do a mention something like a buttered kimchee fried rice. I haven't been to Chego in a while, but the place seemed a bit too hurried for my slow moving mind. I'll probably try it after I have some some straightforward kimchee fried rice first.

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                I usually go Tue-Thu after 10 PM, when it's nice and quiet(er), to pick up some takeout, and the buttered kimchee fried rice is my favorite. I add pork belly or prime rib to it ($4 for either) to give it some protein, and it is a delicious, but rather strong meal.

                Looks like they recently added online ordering, so that may make things easier. Wish they weren't closed on Sun/Mon.

            1. The fried kimchi rice balls at Don Dae Gam are a good approximation:


              Don Dae Gam (sister restaurant to Park's BBQ, specializes in BBQ pork
              )1145 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006