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Great Italian Food, preferably Eastside or Central City?

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I'm looking for really great Italian food at any prIce that isn't on the Westside. There are mediocre Italian places everywhere, but where can you go for a great Italian (not Italian-American) meal?

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  1. Colori Kitchen
    Hole in the wall downtown with excellent food, reasonable prices, BYOB - no corkage fee.


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    1. re: Sam D.

      Absolutely, I love Colori. No corkage for your first bottle , but a modest fee after that-$12 or so. Have you ever had the cioppino? Is it worth thirty buck? The pumpkin ravioli, the carbonara, and the spaghetti with clam were all great.

      1. re: Sam D.

        +1 on Colori.

        Get the Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese & the Ricotta Cheesecake.