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Jun 3, 2012 12:41 AM

Moving Over to Boston for School Soon

Hi everyone, I'm moving from the L.A. area to Boston soon for college (incoming freshman), and I would be living around the Backbay area. Are there any reasonably priced places where I can eat often? Also, what are the top 10 places to eat for a college student? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Welcome! I'll just try to give you as non-condescending heads-up as possible; these guys (and I, for that matter, I suppose...) will need/want some more info. Perhaps, such as: places you like in LA (some of these cats are pretty serious travelers, and/or West Coast transplants & will probably know spots you mention), what types of cuisine you like, what type of budget you'll be on (Total austerity program? A little money to burn once in a while?), and maybe even which school, specifically, you'll be attending. Many Hounds will probably have incredibly precise, specific recommendations (i.e. "The third floor cafeteria in the Northeastern dorms is better than the main one downstairs", "B.U. has a great food truck in front of Ibiza Hall"... You know, that type of thing). For me, at least, I will mention that although it is no longer in the Back Bay (Symphony Hall, really, before someone corrects me), Shawarma King (now in Brookline, a short Green Line trolley ride from the Bay) was quite my college mainstay, "way back in the day"; solid Lebanese sandwiches & dinner plates, served in an ├╝ber-casual setting (counter service/pizza parloresque). You may very well never even make it there though- Boston is pretty amazing when it comes to food, really, for such a relatively small town. Presumably, far more qualified posters will weigh in regarding your post, but some ellaboration should go a long way towards eliciting some enjoyable, highly personalized dining suggestions. Best of luck with your studies!

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      Ah, thank you for the reply! I'll be a bit more specific next time haha. I'm pretty much open to all kinds of cuisines, and I would like to spend a little $$$ once in a while. However, I'm mostly looking towards places I can eat quite frequently (perhaps twice a week?). I go to NEU by the way, and I'll put Shawarma King on my list.

      p.s. how do I edit my original post?

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        They only give you a short amount of time in which to edit a post. Probably not more than a couple of hours, but if you're logged in & go to your original post soon enough, there will be an "edit" option in the lower right corner, next to "report","reply", etc.

    2. Welcome! You will find much of what you need at the Super 88 Food Court, which is cheap and offers a range of excellent restaurants, including Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, and several regions of China, and isn't too far from Back Bay. My favorite inexpensive place near Northeastern is Ali's Roti, a great Trinidadian place on Tremont. In the nearby South End, you will find many high end places, not all equally expensive. Coppa is a great, sceney Italian place that can be as expensive as you want it to be. Search the board for other places near Northeastern and in the South End, as there have been many threads on both. Good luck!

      1. Since you don't know Boston very well yet, let's keep it simple heading south on Mass Ave from the Back Bay with a tour of the places where I can (and sometimes do!) eat several times a week - Corner Tavern (@ Marlborough St, bar food), Boloco (@ Boylston, for a quick takeaway wrap/burrito), Pho Basil (@ St Germain, awesome thai & vietnamese), Parish Cafe (@Tremont, sandwiches & great beer list), and to finish off with something a little nicer, Toro (@ Washington St, lively tapas bar)

        1. Welcome to Boston. I agree with hulmeka about Pho Basil- it's a hidden gem. I had another wonderful lunch there yesterday.

          On Huntington Avenue, near Symphony Hall you should try Moby Dick House of Kebob for good Persian

          Lucy Ethiopian Cafe is across Mass Ave (our shorthand for Massachusetts Avenue) from Symphony and is warm, welcoming, fun and delicious.

          India Samraat on Mass Ave between Commonwealth and Marlborough is a wonderful family-run restaurant with my favorite Indian food. Become a regular and you'll have an extra family here.

          Another good value is Cafe Jaffa on Gloucester Street between Boylston and Newbury. Generous helpings of Middle Eastern and an American Grill menu.

          For all day breakfast you might like Trident Booksellers Cafe On Newbury Street near the Hynes MBTA station.

          Chili Duck across from the Prudential Center on Boylston Street is another long time favorite in our house.

          Accorong to Thai friends, Pad Thai Cafe on Boylston Street near Hemingway is perhaps the most authentic Thai if you order from their Thai menu. Great laab!

          Keep in touch with this crew on Chowhound Boston and you'll be on top of the latest and greatest around.


          1. To mention a few that haven't been mentioned so far... If you happen to find yourself at the other end of NEU campus, the Fenway area has the likes of:
            Trattoria Toscana (Italian, $$$) on Jersey
            El Pelon (Mexican, $) or Rod Dee (Thai, $) on Peterborough
            Tasty Burger (Burgers, $) on Boylston
            Sweet Cheeks (BBQ, $$$) on Boylston

            Also, its in the opposite direction heading away from Back Bay, but Brigham Circle has a lot of decent, cheap eats:
            WAN's Deli (sandwiches, $) on Tremont
            Montecristo (Salvadoran/Guatemalan, $) on Huntington
            Flames (Jamaican, $$) on Huntington
            Penguin (pizza, but I go for the impressive beer list, $) on Huntington
            (and if rumors are correct, Soulfire BBQ will be opening up in that neighborhood)