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Jun 2, 2012 11:54 PM

Need recs for Mom's 90th birthday party in LA West - easily accessible for elderly


My Mom is turning 90 at the end of July, and we're trying to find a place where we can bring together about 30-40 people for a Sunday birthday brunch or lunch, My Mom and many of her friends live in the Fairfax/Cedars Sinai adjacent area, and we need a place that doesn't have many stairs or too long of a walk to get to the dining area, because many of the guests will be elderly. My Mom likes Italian food, and is also a big fan of rack of lamb, but is allergic to seafood, fish and pork.

We're concerned that many hotel banquet rooms will be booked because of the end of the bridal season, and we suspect that they would be pricier than a restaurant with a separate banquet room, but we're open to either option. We'd like to stay on the Westside - we're wiling to go as far west as Santa Monica or as far east as La Brea area/Mid-city.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.


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  1. Two which come to mind are Osteria Mozza (Highland and Melrose, so just a bit East of La Brea) and Valentino (Pico West of Centinela). Neither is normally open for Sunday brunch/lunch (though O.M. serves brunch at the Scuola di Pizza next door--something else to look at, I suppose) so might be available for a private party. Another Italian restaurant that is open on Sunday for brunch is Cecconi (Melrose and Robertson) but I am unsure of its accessibility or suitability for a large party.

    1. Maggiano's Little Italy at the Grove (3rd and Fairfax) has 7 private rooms on it's second floor plus an elevator and valet parking. While not the most incredible Italian food in town it may be perfect for what you are looking for and they can put together a family style menu for you.

      189 The Grove Drive Z80
      Los Angeles , CA 90036-3154

      1. You didn't mention price, but Campanile is a nice spot. I know they have a room upstairs, but they could probably do 30-40 in the back of the ground floor.