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Jerusalem artichokes in Toronto?

Does anyone know where I can buy Jerusalem artichokes in Toronto? Other than Pusateri's. I checked a Loblaws today and they didn't have it. Maybe another location? Thanks!

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  1. Also known as sunchokes, I have bought them at cheese boutique as well as longos, in aurora, but they may be available at the one near you.

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      i'm fairly certain whole foods carries them, and i have also purchased them at farmer's markets, i believe the one at wychwood.

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        yes, they were at wychwood this past weekend.

    2. Fiesta Farms has them.

      1. Galleria usually has them.

        1. I always get mine at Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws
          Look in the organic section, they are cheaper than the others (for some reason)

          1. Karma Coop (http://www.karmacoop.org/) usually has them. You have to be a member to shop regularly but you can do a one time trial shop to see how it works. I love Karma for many things including fresh produce.

            1. thanks everyone.
              i'm actually looking to buy them in order to plant them in the garden. has anyone had any experience doing this with store-bought jerusalem artichokes?

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                I bought them two years ago. I have a wonderful patch in the garden now. Very easy to grow. You can harvest them as long as the ground hasn't frozen them in, as far as I can tell. They are said to be invasive, but I find them really easy to pull out of the ground, so don't worry about that too much. Any little bit of the tuber left behind will likely lead to a new plant. They grow to about 7' tall with attractive yellow flowers in the late summer. Highly recommend growing your own patch. Even if you buy from the store, and they've been refrigerated, as long as they're not chopped up, you should succeed. Good luck!

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                  excellent! thanks! can't wait to plant them. i hope it's not too late for them to reach full size by the end of the growing season if i plant them now.

                  by the way, i've heard that you can also leave them in the ground throughout winter and harvest them in spring, which is great since there's not much else available to eat from the garden at that time.

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                    You can leave them in the ground and pretty much harvest them whenever you want. I had to pull some out because of other gardening last week, and we cooked them up. Definitely leave some in over winter, or else you have to start anew each year. The ones you leave in the ground shouldn't all be harvested in spring - they will grow into your new crop over the summer. We tend to pull the majority in the fall.

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                  Highland had a good selection today, and some actually had small shoots!

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                          Summerhill Market in Rosedale usually has them