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Jun 2, 2012 08:16 PM

Near 65th St. & 12th Avenue in Brooklyn

I'm playing an opera at this location (Magic Flute this weekend and next -- come on out!) and tried to search this board but am not sure which neighborhood I'm in.

Have checked out 11th Ave. between N train stop at Ft. Hamilton Pkwy near 61st St. and 65th St. La Sorrentino is pretty good. Also found a couple of Chinese places that aren't great, unless I didn't know what to order. Did I miss anything? Thanks again, everyone.

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  1. At 12th Avenue and 60th Street is Coluccio & Sons (an Italian salumeria). You can get some nice olives, cheeses, cured meats and bread and make yourself a picnic. I believe they also have prepared foods. I have never heard a negative comment about the place.

    1. Rocco's on Ft Ham just above 65th St. is kinda fun.

      Also, I'd recommend getting off at the 8th Ave stop on the N and exploring Brooklyn Chinatown. I like the Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodle shop at 5924 8th Ave (and 59th st.), and No 1 Ice Cream
      6410 8th Ave (btw 64th and 65th). Searches for Brooklyn Chinatown will undoubtedly yield more interesting recos.

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        I'm seconding Rocco's... Went last week after not going for a year... Just had the calamari w. hot sauce (on the side) and really excellent. Also only 2 blocks from Fei Long

      2. Spartan (Greek place) on 8th Avenue and 68th Street. On Saturdays, weather permitting, George usually roasts a couple of pigs over the coals right outside - just in time for dinner.

        Spanakopita, grilled octopus and huge Garden Salads also recommended.

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        1. re: Mike R.

          wondering, how do you thing Spartan compares to Meze at 13th and 66th? Ive never tried either place.

          Walking down to 14th Ave (between 65th and 66th) and there is the Royal Crown Pastry Shop (savory and sweet) . Coluccio is great, but they dont slice their meats or cheeses, so bring a knife if you want to picnic. Good breads from a range of Brooklyn bakeries. There are a couple of big chinese eateries around 65th and 8th, some of which have been discussed here. If you do the Brooklyn Chinatown search you should find. there is also a bit of a foodhall within the supermarket block at 8th and 64th/63rd you can look for those posts, too.

          1. re: jen kalb

            Never been to Meze, but will go soon.

            No question about Royal Crown being THE class bread - get the freshest round one in the window, with or without the center hole. There'd be no question about a sit-down place if their Paneantico Restaurant down the street didn't close. Still find it hard to believe that happened.

            1. re: Mike R.

              I too am suprised it closed, the cafe at their Staten Island location is always busy.

        2. East Harbor - Chinese - 65th between 7th and 8th - wonderful for Dim Sum and good for dinner too !
          Also Chinese - don't know it's name - 65th between Ft. Hamilton and 9th - just past
          the big fruit/vegetable store.