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wait before you go to MP TAVERNA [Irvington]

Awful service and no one running the show! Had an 8p reservation and we werent seated until 8:45...the bar was packed with others in the same situation. The bartender couldnt even take orders because there so many others at the bar. We waitied atleast 15 min to order our drink.
The service at the table was no better from asking for water numerous times, to placing drink orders and ordering our meals...out of the specials and getting cold coffee. The food was decent but not enough to overlook the lack of service. NO ONE came over to apologize or comp a drink or a dessert and when I made mention of the poor service and wait on the reservation,he had nothing but exuces and tossed me a discount card for a futur visit Mon-Thurs for 15% off...are you kisdding me??!!?1 This is not how you open a new restaurant and spread the word and get customers to return. Curious what other experiences have been?

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  1. Presumably you are talking about the new location in Irvington.

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        I waited...and it was worth the wait. Went with a party of 7 on Thur night after my son's graduation. I had to change our reservation time at the last minute and they were very accomadating. Service was good. No complaints at all. Of the 11 dishes that werer ordered 2 were good, 2 were very good and 1 was great. Only one was off. Too salty. The manager came by to ask about it. Apologized. Offered to bring something else in a hurry. Took it off the bill.
        Oh, and the smashed fries are special.

    1. We went last night for the 1st time. (I have no issue w/ older people, but the 1st thing we noticed was that at 7:45, we were the youngest people in the dining room by close to 30 years. And I'm not kidding.) The next thing we noticed was the dining room was filled w/ a dull, gray haze of smoke. The ventilation back there is awful and it only got progressively worse as our meal went on. Our eyes were burning. It really detracted from the dining experience.
      We started w/ the 3 dips which were fresh and tasty- yogurt, eggplant and chickpea. We also got the crispy cod- not crispy at all, the meatballs- tasty, the dumplings- which were light w/ a small amount of spice, the feta- tasty but not exciting, and the octopus- very good.
      For dinner we ordered the pasta special- Orecchiette w/ a lamb ragu, and the chicken souvlaki.
      The pasta was very tangy and not to my taste, but The Husband enjoyed it. The souvlaki was sort of...meh. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great. It just...was. And there was very little chicken in it.
      Interestingly enough, the chef was very busy circulating the tables in the dining room asking people how things were, but he didn't ask us.
      We stunk so bad when we got home that we both showered, by the way. I don't think we'll be returning anytime soon. I'm sorry that Day Boat is no longer.

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        Glad to hear you young'uns are still showering. We experienced no ventilation problems on Thur and no geriatric hordes either.

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          That wasn't quite what I meant...I knew it wouldn't come out sounding right. I think we expected a different type of vibe on a Sat night for a new place that had gotten so much hype. As for the ventilation issues, it was gross. Our eyes were burning. And many other people appeared to feel the same way. Regardless of age.

      2. Four of us just tried it for the first time on Sunday. We were all happy with what we ordered. Food came with a nice topping of grilled vegetables plus you get to order another side (the smashed fries are to die for). I had the whole dourade which was fabulous and not expensive at all for a whole fish -- think only around $22. Someone else at the table had the mixed grill and loved it, others ordered the hanger steak and salmon which were both fine. The servers were very friendly, funny and attentive (3 breadbaskets!), although it was at the end of the evening so not crowded. The only annoyance factor, and it was a big one for only one of us, not for the others, was that they had run out of several items, and almost all the specials. It must have been the end of a very busy weekend. One of us was disgruntled as he wanted the scallops and they were not available, and then something else that was also not available. Fortunately, the menu choices are fairly extensive. I particularly loved that, after ordering my fish according to a few dietary preferences, someone, either the manager or chef, came out to discuss the preparation and find out if it would be okay. Huge points for that! Anyhow, the place is attractively decorated, spacious, offers really good food at a reasonable price and has a nice vibe -- a rare find in Westchester. I miss Dayboat, but am very pleased with the successor so far.

        1. couldn't disagree more. Have been there three times in the past month so obviously I think it's pretty great. Twice for lunch and just three nights ago for dinner.

          I found the service excellent, The staff was helpful and knowledgable regarding the menu and attentive without being obtrusive (something I really hate, I'm not interested in my servers life story) The decor was very nice and tastefully done

          The food has all been great, I particularly enjoyed a baked egg dish for brunch. All the apps I've tried have been great too. The sliders were really good as were the dips. I'm a big fan of octopus and they're grilled octopus was exceptional. The salads were delicious as well. The apple baklava dessert was a perfect ending.
          The portions were all very large and the prices were actually less than I would have expected for a restaurant of this quality.

          The real tell for me was that I took my sister there for dinner and she is the most critical person I know and she not only loved the place but wants too visit the chefs other restaurants in Manhattan.
          Oh and by the way on our third visit (dinner) the chef/owner was there and he came over to our table (and others in the restaurant as well) and was most gracious and seemed really engaged.
          so I guess I would say that I'll be back and I would recommend this restaurant to anyone interested in a great meal.

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            maybe we were just there on an "off" or "odd" night for them...

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              Just an FYI: another meal at MP Taverna and another wonderful meal/experience. We were walk-ins, got seated at the bar without a wait. Attentive bartender, who made two killer cocktails. Really delicioius calamari, sliders, smashed potatoes and dips.

          2. We had dinner there last night with a group of 6. I was rather skeptical because of the mixed reviews here. I will say that when we walked into the dining room, I did notice the smoky haze. But there was no smell along with it. And I took note of the crowd. It was not an older crowd -- it was very mixed.

            We ordered the trio of dips which were all delicious, as was the pita that came with them, and I had the MP Salad. The salad was very good. I don't like calamari but we had an order of that and everyone seemed happy with it.

            For and entree, I had the branzino. The portion was generous and I thought it was very tasty. My husband had the mixed grill and he particularly liked the sausage and the chicken. The potatoes that came with that were also very good (not sure what those were called but they were like flat fries?)

            We all skipped dessert, though some on the menu looked good. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised overall and we would definitely go back. It was not really that expensive and to me it was much better than a place like Moderne Barn, which was completely mediocre.

            1. I've been twice and liked it. The fish dishes were very good, smashed potatoes were great and I love the ice creams! Planning to go back again in a couple weeks. Crowd was mixed, I went once without kids and once with and both were fine.

              1. Is this the same MP taverna as the one in Roslyn? That one is very good with good service; BUT i go there during the week. Very noisy on Sat. night. When it first opened we sat upstairs on a Sat. The manager actually opened the window to let some of the noise out. He said the acoustical ceiling was painted over by mistake.

                1. Looks like you will have to wait, unfortunately the building was damaged by Sandy and it is temporarily closed.

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                    Terrible! Apparently Half Moon, Red Hat, anD Chutney Masala all sustained damage. Small Bites blog said Half Moon took on four feet of water! Crazy.

                  2. Went again tonight and had an unqualifiedly excellent meal.
                    Nice to see the back and fully recovered.

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                      We ate at the bar during happy hour Friday. They have $5 glasses of wine and $4.50 draft beer pints along with a couple other specials from I think 4-630 m-f. The bar area is comfortable and more casual than the main dining room. They have tvs . High top tables are only if you're planning on eating.

                      Food was excellent as usual. We had a bunch of mezzes and a salad. The yogurt dip is a marvel (I find the eggplant dip too smoky but my husband loves it). Lamb sausage is my favorite mezze, though the calamari was A close second. MP salad always is great. The chef sent out pork sausage as well. Love the chocolate halva brownie for dessert.

                      The waitress was very sweet and the hostesses are really nice. We will absolutely go back for happy hour. Best to get there on the earlier side if you want to sit and eat as it's first come first served.

                    2. Roslyn is our favorite place to go with our north shore friends. we always have the chicken souvlaki

                      1. Last night I had another great meal at MP Taverna. This is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Westchester. Great value, delicious food, and a really nice atmosphere. I love sitting at the high bar tables in the bar area.

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                          I think that the lunch/brunch menu looks more interesting than the dinner menu. Have you been for lunch?

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                            No, I haven't been for lunch. The $15 meal sounds like an excellent bargain though. What I really like about MP Taverna is more that they take sort of standard greek diner type food and really elevate it. For example, their MP salad sounds like a pretty standard Greek salad, but it comes together much more elegantly and there is serious nuance in the flavor of the dressing. I had the lamb sausage mezze for dinner the other night-- three moist, well seasoned, juicy lamb sausages served with their creamy yogurt sauce and fluffy, chewy pita. So simple but flavored so, so well. I see they have more pasta dishes on the lunch menu. I've had the dumplings at dinnertime and they are especially delicious. (Basically anything they do with lamb is great). If you end up giving the lunch menu a try, please post...

                        2. MP Taverna has a new Greek tapas happy hour menu served every day from 3-6:30 at the bar and tables near the bar. There is a list of 8 $3 small plates. They also have numerous drink specials. Definitely worth checking out. We enjoyed the pork souvlaki, olives, feta, and beets and yogurt. You could go make a meal of it for sure.


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                            We had a delightful meal there last summer. I really like that place.

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                              Me too. Every time we go back we wonder why we don't go more often. We also shared a salad (which they split onto two plates for us without us asking, which I love), lamb risotto (I think?), and their silky yogurt dip. Dessert was parsnip cake, nice not-too-sweet ending to the meal. Whatever the happy hour white wine was was crisp and dry and poured heavily.

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                                I wish we had enjoyed it.

                                We went to the Irvington branch for brunch about a year and a half ago. I found the room oppressively dark despite the fact that it was a gorgeous, late Spring day. I had asked to sit by a window, hoping for some sort of view. The window was huge, but was completely shuttered. Had the window been open, the view would have been of Chutney Masala across the parking lot, so I guess we weren't missing anything but sunlight. The soundtrack loop was pretty short, so we heard "(What if G-d was) One of Us" three times while we were there.

                                The service was very friendly. I ordered a white sangria that had teeny chunks of unidentifiable fruit in it. I usually drink through a straw, but I couldn't as the fruit constantly clogged it. The flavor was quite light and good, but I was afraid of gagging on the fruit.

                                I had ordered a shrimp, pomegranate, and tabouleh salad. The shrimp was chopped up into nearly unidentifiable chunks. The pomegranate seeds were so dried out, they were just pits with a thin red coating. There was no discernible flavor from anything but the almond slivers in the salad. My husband ordered the dumplings and they were swimming in grease.

                                That wasn't quite the end, but I will stop there. We were comped by the management and have no desire to go back. I tried to pay for my sangria which I nearly finished, but they wouldn't accept any money from us, even as a tip to the lovely staff. We tried to turn the day around by going to Alvin and Friends for an early dinner and ended up having a wonderful meal from start to finish.

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                                  I went to give it a 2nd chance with 2 girlfriends...I know my above posting was pretty clear that my experience was sub-par.
                                  But, our friend thought it adorable. We walked in, our other friend pointed out that it smelled beyond awful in the bar area. I mean- a true stink. We politely excused ourselves. I have no need to return.

                                  1. re: MRS

                                    MRS, I'm pretty sure I read your first review before we went. We were still excited to try it and kept our minds open.

                                    One of the first things I noticed there was the cloud of smoke hanging in the rafters. I think it was barely noon when we got there, but it looked like a pool hall at 2 a.m. on a Saturday. I speak from experience. ;)

                                    1. re: foodiemom10583

                                      i didn't mean to be obnoxious, or sound crazy...its' just it was true! it was smokey and smelly and i think they have ventilation issues. And maybe sometimes it's ok, but for me, I don't enjoy that.

                                      1. re: MRS

                                        I found your description of the smokiness to be pretty accurate.

                                        1. re: foodiemom10583

                                          well, i'm sorry to hear that you had smilier experiences. but, i must confess, glad to know we weren't the only ones. :)

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                                            How can they allow smoking in the restaurant?? Seems like there may be a violation there.

                                              1. re: MisterBill2

                                                it's smoke that hovers, i'm guessing from the grilling etc...but the ventilation was so bad when I was there, and I'm guessing when Foodiemom10583 went, that there was a grey haze throughout the place. Very unpleasant.

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                                                  Roxlet and MRS hit the nail on the head: The smoke was from the kitchen, not from cigarettes or cigars. The cloud did very much resemble what one found in a smoke-friendly venue from back in the day.