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olive oil bottles

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Does anyone know of a place where one can buy olive oil by reusing the container? Either a deposit model or something else?

Just trying to reduce my output.


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  1. You might call or stop by Secolari in Bethesda Row. They are an olive oil "tasting room" and might be able to fill a bottle you brought with you.

    1. You could try Sapore on Capitol Hill: http://saporeoilandvinegar.com/

      1. Glut co-op in Mt. Ranier has a lot of items that you can bring your own container (oils, soy sauce, honey, maple syrup).

        1. At Sapore Oil & Vinegar on Capitol Hill, they will offer you a 10% discount on your next bottle purchase if you bring in your original bottle to recycle. The original intent was to allow the bottles to be refilled, but DC health laws prohibit it.