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Jun 2, 2012 05:35 PM

Chili--Beans or no beans? [moved from Texas]

OK Texans, I know I am opening a "can of worms" but...beans or no beans in your red meat chili?

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  1. Not a Texan, but I like to make beef chili. I trim and cut the meat myself into small cubes. Never ever use ground meat.

    I cook beans separately and have them available as an add-in garnish. The eater can add as much or as little as desired.

    1. I make two versions of chili, depending upon whom I'm going to be feeding. The "true Texas" version is pretty spicy, with not much but beef (usually chuck), a little liquid, and red chiles. No tomatoes. No beans. I've been told that's the way it was originally made by "Cooky" in the chuck-wagons out on the cattle trails driving the herds north. Just beef, long simmered with an assortment of dried chiles.

      But if I've got a lot of Yankees or little kids coming, I make a much milder "family style" chili. It's pretty typical of that type. Tomato base, ground beef, and beans.

      1. No beans.

        I will make other things that might be called chili in other parts of the world that include beans (that dreadful but delicious "taco soup" made with pintos, kidney beans and ranch dressing mix comes to mind), but if it's chili, there're no beans allowed in the pool.

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          OhmyGod- they really need to call it something else. Taco soup- What a travesty

          1. re: EWSflash

            LOL, I know. The terrible thing about it is how good it is, in a very "Potluck Church Supper" kind of way.

        2. Whatever you like, but, when you add beans it ceases to be chili.

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            My chili includes diced beef, broth, various chiles, garlic, cumin, oregano, salt, a couple of secret ingredients, and is thickened by an arrowroot emulsion. As much as I love pinto beans in other settings, they have no business whatsoever being in Texas chili.

          2. Beans? In Chili? To paraphrase an add, "Get a rope!"

            Or as we uneducated East Texans say, "Quelle horreur!!! Quel dommage!!"

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                Well, they sure ain't speaking English in some places!