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Jun 2, 2012 05:03 PM

Indian/Pakistani food in the Tenderloin?

The boards mention Lahore Karahi but apparently they are closed... see their website:

Where else is good?

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  1. go to Shalimar..thees one on Jones near Geary, and i think another on Polk...a friend took me a few times in the last few yeas...we ate mostly basics and it was excellent.

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    1. re: lapizzamaven

      +1 for shalimar -- though it is quite heavy and the decor is very (extremely) downscale.

      chicken tikka
      palak paneer
      one of the chickpea or lentil dishes
      naan and rice

      is what i used to get all the time.

      1. re: Dustin_E

        I prefer Chutney (across the street from Shalimar on Jones St):

        The food at Shalimar is good, but the place doesn't look as clean as Chutney, and it's so smoky inside of Shalimar.