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Jun 2, 2012 04:35 PM

Burmese Food Fair in LIC - Tomorrow 6/3

The Burmese Food Fair will be in LIC this year. I've never been but if its nearly as fun as the Indonesean fair...I'm totally game.

It's going down tomorrow from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm at the Long Island City Aviation High School 45-30 36th Street, Long Island City

The event entrance is on 35th Street, on the corner of Queens Blvd and 35th Street

Credit and thanks to MegC of and for the tip.

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  1. Looking forward to this. Here's a previous Chow mention ...

    1. it was pretty great! wish it was more than once per year. it got quite crowded but there was never a line/wait for food anywhere. for pix/descriptions.

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      1. re: didactic katydid

        Great pix didactic katydid!

        It was fantastic. I enjoyed sampling the laphet thohk (tea-leaf salad) and the gyin thohk (ginger salad), both made hot at my request, the samusa thohk (samosa salad), the kawpyant sane (vegetarian spring rolls), banana cake, semolina cake, egg custard, and coconut agar-agar. My (non-vegetarian) husband loved the shan htamin chin (rice salad with fish).

        There were even more options for omnivores, even with plenty for vegetarians. We got there about 1:40, and some dishes were already sold out. Always best to get to things rare events early.

        Can't wait until the Water Festival event in July in Manhattan - anyone have specific information about when and where that will be?

        1. re: round2

          yeah, we arrived around 12:20 and it was quite crowded, but not as packed as it was an hour later, and nothing was sold out. I'm definitely on board with early arrivals to these things.

          I felt like nothing was spicy enough for me, even after asking for everything spicy, but my companions were satisfied, so I wonder if in the past few months I have developed a tolerance I never had before, or if it was just not that spicy overall. how does Burmese food rate on the regional spiciness scale? I don't know it very well.