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Jun 2, 2012 03:58 PM

" bad for you food" that you

Will still eat anyway.
Of course assuming it isnt a " eat this and you die" situation...
just a food you realize is not a healthy choice but just cant/ wont give up
Corndogs, fried cheese, fatback, salami...anything bad but good

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  1. Ham, scrapple, some white-flour baked goods, bacon

    1. Everything so far in this thread. And french fries!

      1. McDonald's #1. I have no idea why but I cannot help but to eat them. Love them, really. And I know how they are made and I know how bad they are for you and yet I cannot stop but to crave them.

        1. Bacon!
          I would give up many foods over bacon

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            Contrary to popular belief, bacon isnt really that bad for you (in moderation of course). Its not health food by any stretch, but compared to a lot of the heavily processed foods we are eating its far more healthy. Saturated fat has kind of been given a bad rap. It can be part of a healthy diet and should not be lumped in with trans fats as far as health concerns go.

              1. re: twyst

                mmmm... Bacon still has a lot of things not so great about it. Especially today's bacon. Nitrates. Nitrites. (But not all bacons are created equal.) Salt cured. I mean, we're not exactly talking wild caught salmon!

                1. re: Caroline1

                  Salt is also one of those things that people think is much worse than it really is. A certain percentage of the population IS sensitive to salt (10-20%) and does need to watch their salt intake because of genetics, but the vast majority of people can eat all the salt they want without ever having fear of it leading to hypertension


                  1. re: twyst

                    I agree completely with twyst, and you can buy bacon that's free of nitrates. I think it's Hormel or Oscar Meyer that has a nitrate-free bacon that's pretty easy to find. You have just have to make sure you use it fairly quickly.

              2. re: mizzdee

                Bacon grease--I keep a jar of it in the fridge. There are recipes that call for butter or oil where I'll take one look, and substitute bacon grease without a second thought.

                1. re: MsMaryMc

                  this officially goes up as my favorite idea to have ever gotten from chowhound.

                  1. re: MsMaryMc

                    Same here, I always have bacon fat in the fridge, and if lucky, a jar of duck fat as well.

                    1. re: MsMaryMc

                      +1 to bacon fat in recipes. My trademark corn bread just wouldn't be the same without it, much less my over-cooked-to-death-but-delicious southern green beans.

                      1. re: pine time

                        100% in agreement. I couldn't make my smothered green beans must contain bacon. And cornbread in cast iron w/ bacon fat and even better, cracklins.

                  2. For the most part - cold cuts like good Italian Pepper Salami, Genoa Salami, Cappacole(sp?) ham, liverwurst, various cheeses. Not terribly bad for you taken in moderation; nothing taken in moderation really is, but definitely not "health foods" - lol!

                    Also Tex-Mex stuff - nachos, tacos, enchiladas - no holding back on the sour cream, salsa, guacamole!!! Again - not horribly bad, but still.

                    Old-fashioned onion dip made with Lipton's Onion Soup Mix & served with Lay's potato chips. Yum!

                    Those are just off the top of my head; I'm sure there are more. For the most part, I eat pretty darn healthy most of the time.

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                    1. re: Bacardi1

                      Guacamole is actually quite good for you, owing to the healthy type of fat found in avocados. Not sure why it sometimes gets a bad rap.

                      1. re: The Professor

                        Maybe the store-bought stuff is loaded with preservatives?

                        1. re: Michelly

                          Can't say. I've never tried the store bought since guacamole is so insanely simple to make.

                          1. re: The Professor

                            I think it gets leftover bad rap from the days when avocado was vilified for its high fat content. How far we have come :-)